A Man’s Guide To Dressing For A Smart Casual Wedding

Smart casual wedding attire for men can be somewhat of a grey area, and we’re not just talking about the use of a grey suit. 

Here at Marc Darcy, we understand the importance of looking polished and put-together while also feeling comfortable and stylish. One of the key elements for men when attending a smart casual wedding is the versatility of the wardrobe pieces.

In this guide, we explore the best tips for how to dress for a smart casual wedding. We will delve deeper into the nuances of smart casual wedding attire, offering styling tips, colour coordination advice, and inspiration for creating a suit for a wedding.

Choosing your smart causal attire for a wedding (if you’re a groom or a guest) is an opportunity to showcase your personal style while adhering to the event's dress code. 

Whether you're attending a chic countryside wedding or an urban bar celebration, your outfit should reflect the venue and the wishes of the bride and groom. Weddings are important events that you want to remember, for all the best reasons. And of course, fabulous wedding attire should be one of those reasons. 

Understanding what smart casual means

In the realm of fashion, the phrase ‘smart casual’ is frequently used to characterise a look that is more formal than ‘casual,’ but not quite as formal as ‘business attire.’ 

Finding the ideal mix between feeling at ease and seeming professional is crucial. For men, this may mean wearing a sharp button-up shirt and fitted pants with a well-fitting jacket, or it could mean going with a chic knit sweater with chinos and loafers. To get a smart and adaptable appearance, it's important to combine pieces that are both elegant and casual.

Tips for smart casual dressing

When styling a smart casual wedding look with a Marc Darcy suit, it's essential to consider the details.

A tailored suit

When it comes to a tailored suit for smart casual attire, the key is to strike the right balance between the formal and relaxed elements. Opt for a tailored fit that complements your body shape, ensuring a sleek and modern silhouette. Pair the suit with a crisp dress shirt in a complementary colour, and don't be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures for added visual interest. 

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Tips for styling a tailored suit

A well-fitting dress shirt with a subtle pattern or pastel colour might give the combination a cosier vibe. A knitted tie or a patterned pocket square can inject personality into the ensemble, elevating it from standard formalwear to smart casual sophistication. Or, if you’d rather skip the tie completely, that would work for a relaxed venue. 

Utilising layers

Adding layers will add texture. This will give your smarter suits more depth and a casual vibe to a previously straight piece. As we said, smart casual lends itself to a smarter side of clothing and less to the casual. So, it’s still important to suit up.  

Smart casual colours and patterns

Lighter shades, such as soft greys, light blues, or even earthy tones like tan or deep olive are perfect for a smart casual wedding. These colours exude a more relaxed appearance. As for patterns, we recommend subtle patterns like checks or herringbone, which can add visual interest to the suit without appearing overly formal.

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Exploring accessories

Embracing accessories when dressing for a smart casual wedding (or any smart causal event!) is a must. The use of accessories and layers adds character and personalisation. We recommend throwing yourself into accessories like tweed bowties, quirky flat caps or even a waistcoat chain. You may think of these as very smart accessories, but it’s important to remember the smart in smart casual. 

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The perfect footwear 

The right footwear serves as a key element that can either enhance or detract from the overall impression. The choice of footwear should align with the formality of the rest of the ensemble, striking the perfect harmony between the smart and casual elements of your wedding outfit. this might mean opting for leather loafers or brogues for men. 

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Discovering the best suits for men with Marc Darcy 

We hope you found this guide to smart casual dressing for a wedding helpful. 

From the finest accessories to men’s suits, here at Marc Darcy, we pride ourselves on providing the very best clothing.

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