Keeping Busy in Lockdown

Being confined to our homes is the new normal for all of us and it can be tough to keep the boredom at bay. We're so used to being out and about that you may find yourself at a loose end, but one sure fire way to shed the lockdown blues is to keep busy. Now is the time to tick off all of those jobs you've been putting off for months and have a bit of fun too! Here are a few things you can do at home during this unprecedented time...




S C H E D U L E  A  Q U I Z

Video calls aren't just for work meetings, have some fun with the family and friends by arranging a quiz night. Not only is it a way to stay in touch with your loved ones, it also keeps spirits high with a bit of friendly competition. Gather the troops, designate topics, collate 5-10 questions (depending on how long you want your quiz to be!) and fire away on your video call platform of choice. Quiz with a tipple or two for amusement and put some (virtual) money into a jackpot to make things interesting.


P L A N  Y O U R  P O S T - L O C K D O W N  L O O K S 

When the lockdown has been lifted it's more than okay to be a bit extra with your outfit choices to make up for the weeks on end your much-loved pieces have been hanging up in the wardrobe unworn. Grab your inspiration Pinterest board, lay everything out and start putting things together which you'd never thought of pairing before. Usually when we're getting dressed in the morning rush we would spend around 5-10 minutes selecting clothing for the day. Just think how good your outfits are going to be with the spare time you've got on your hands now. Plus more time to snooze the alarm in the mornings!


S O R T  T H R O U G H  Y O U R  C L O T H E S

The task that you've been putting off for months but what better time to do it when you're stuck indoors? Sorting through your clothes gives you the chance to find hidden gems in the back of the wardrobe to give some love again and the end result will leave you with an overwhelming sense of relief. Not only this, you'll have more space to fill with new season delights! A tip when sorting through your clothing collection, if you haven't worn it in the past year then it's more than likely time to part with it. Collect all of your unwanted clothes in bin bags and donate them to a clothes bank on your weekly shop.


A T  H O M E  W O R K O U T 

The gyms are closed and the world may be in turmoil but don't let your fitness suffer too, in fact, step it up a level. Whats more, exercise is vital in maintaining a healthy immune system which we all need a bit of right now. Weights sold out? No problem - grab a rucksack, fill it with some weighty household items (like potatoes) and start shoulder pressing and squatting like a boss. Invest in a skipping rope to get some quick cardio in (a boxers preferred cardio) and perhaps make it a social affair by getting the lads involved via video call so you can spur each other on...or compete!


T A K E  U P  A  N E W  H O B B Y

Ever dreamt of creating your own herb garden, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or getting crafty with a needle and thread? Now is the perfect time to make those dreams a reality. With so much time on our hands and busy schedules a thing of the past we can finally get the wheels in motion and take up a new hobby you've been itching to get stuck into. What's more, a hobby that you love doing has the potential to develop into a side project and even a small business. Use this time to brush up on those much-loved skills and come out of lockdown feeling brand new.


R E A D  A  B O O K 

The calming effects of reading a book is the ultimate lockdown therapy. It is proven to lower your blood pressure whilst stimulating your brain and expanding your vocabulary, win win! Get immersed in a book of your choice, whether it be an autobiography or crime thriller, a physical copy or an e-book, time is guaranteed to fly by when flicking the pages of a good book. If reading is not your thing, find an interesting audiobook and listen whilst you delve into your newfound lockdown hobbies.


We hope this helps you find ways to fill your time in lockdown. Remember, enjoyment can be had indoors too so please continue to stay home and stay safe so we can all get back to wearing our suits sooner!