The Working From Home Edit

Working from home has become the new normal for most and whilst it's tempting to roll out of bed and throw on the loungewear, you'd be surprised at what a touch of formal attire can do for your mindset and productivity. Not only that, many of you will be participating in regular conference calls which will require a certain level of elegance. Don't be the guy on the zoom meeting with ruffled hair dressed in a worn-out hoodie, make an impression and be the guy dressed in a sartorial ensemble ready to hit some targets. It is also vital to keep to a routine in these times so treat your days as normal workdays. Get up, choose a smart look for the day and set up in your home office space. The only difference is the environment so don't shun your suits just yet, and we've got some looks with comfort at the forefront....



F O C U S   O N   Y O U R   T O P   H A L F

No-one can see your bottom half on video calls so pay extra attention to how you're dressing your top half. We're looking for an even balance of formal and comfortable here which means you don't necessarily need to wear a tie. Instead, choose a shirt with accent buttons in a comfortable fabric and an open collar, or, an unrestrictive grandad collar. Both offer a composed look with areas of comfort. Layer a snug tweed blazer and waistcoat duo on top of this which will not only look impressive but will make you feel ready to take on the day. 



U T I L I S E   K N I T W E A R

The temptation to dive into cosy knitwear is hard to resist whilst working from home. Thankfully there is a way you can do this whilst looking smart at the same time. Simply grab your favourite snug fine knit jumper and layer a coordinated blazer on top. In between your zoom calls you can remove the blazer and revel in comfort. Knitted ties are also less restrictive, light and stretchy which makes for an easier wear for those important meetings when neckwear is necessary.




G E T   Y O U R   S T R E T C H   O N

This is where a stretch suit will come in handy, when you're sat in your home office and need something unrestrictive with freedom of movement. Many of our stretch suits have a casual edge too so it won't look too out of place if you need to pop out for supplies on your lunch break. They can also be mixed and matched with smart jeans, chinos and knitwear. Wearing a shirt with your stretch suit will keep presentation at the top end of the scale and we'd advise it so not to slip into bad habits. For convenience, wear one in an oxford weave whist is a tad more stretchy.


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