Whisky Business: 5 Interesting Facts About Whisky

  1. The distillation process, the key characteristic of Whisky production, is thought to have been invented around 4,000 years ago by the Ancient civilisations of Babylon & Mesopotamia
  2. The first known modern recording of Whisky was in Scotland (where else!) around 1494. By this time popularity of the drink was already widespread, so much so that the name “Whisky” derives from Gaelic origins meaning “uiscebeatha” which translates to “water of life”
  3. The name may come from Gaelic origins but there are 2 ways to spell it, Whiskey and Whisky. A simple rule is bottles hailing from Canada, Japan, or Scotland, go with Whisky. American, Irish, and English whiskies are called whiskey. According to legend, Scots spell it without the "e" because they believe more vowels waste good drinking time, obviously the Canadians and Japanese are of the same thought process.
  4. Moderate use of whisky can bring many benefits to the human metabolism. It can help to prevent strokes, dementia, heart attacks and fight against cancer cells. It can also withstand arctic temperatures (as low as -30 degrees Celsius) hence why Polar explorers favoured it as their tipple of choice
  5. The Angels Share. As Whisky is aged in barrels over time a certain amount will evaporate due to the barrels being porous. Its estimated around 2-4% over the space of a year will evaporate, the evidence of this can be seen on the ceilings of the cellars – it will have gone black due to the rising alcohol. The avid Whisky drinker will know this process as the "angel’s share" or "angel’s tax.