Dress Like A Peaky Blinder

Off the back of the Peaky Blinder's success, Tommy Shelby has become quite a popular figure. This got us thinking, what occasions would be best to rock a Tommy Shelby suit? 

Well, this article delves into exactly that. Here, we explore how and when to dress like a Peaky Blinder. Whether you’re looking to suit up for your big day or dress like a killer for Halloween – your inspiration is below.

How To Dress Like A Peaky Blinder For Halloween

If you’re hoping to embody Mr. Shelby this spooky season, you’ll need the right attire. Think dark hues, herringbone weaves, classic pinstripe, and traditional pocket watches.

Really it's all about looking super smart with sophisticated charm yet keeping the air of mystery.

This Halloween, wear a tailored suit with a high-waisted, wide-legged trousers and a matching jacket. Opt for earthy tones like brown, grey, or tweed. Add a waistcoat or vest for an authentic Shelby look.



Get suited in our Max for that gentlemanly Peaky Blinder's look. We know that the gang are far from gentlemen, however, they do aim to paint that picture and the Shelbys do it well. Pop on the signature pocket watch and flat cap and you'll be good to go.



Dressing Like A Peaky Blinder 

When you hear 'Peaky Blinders' you'll instantly think of tweed. These Birmingham gangsters wore their tweed with pride, distinguishing themselves among the struggling community of the 1920s era.


Our Eton suit is the perfect place to start for this classic and confident look. Filled with dark autumnal hues weaved into a herringbone pattern, it makes for the ideal Peaky Blinders getup. Pair with a round penny collar shirt and pocket watch, and you'll display the authoritative appeal of a Shelby. 

Mens Peaky blinders suits 


On the topic of tweed, the monochromatic Peaky Blinder's style can be achieved successfully with our Victor suit - a grey-toned herringbone style with contrasting black velvet accents.

Opt for a tie in a similar colour palette or alternatively throw some colour in the mix with our Paisley/Wine Tie, as in his later days, Tommy was partial to the statement tie.

Last but certainly not least is the pinstripe suit. 

Mens pinstripe suits


Typically known as a sign of wealth and a flashy choice, the Peaky Blinders adopted it and combined it with various other elements they used to establish their place in society. 

A place where they separate themselves from both the poor and the upper-class establishment, they were in their own league. Go for our Lewis Suit for ultimate peaky vibes.

How To Dress Like A Peaky Blinder For Your Wedding

Maybe you’re a guest or the groom and want to look like the Shelby gang as you head to the chapel? We’ve got that inspiration you’re looking for right here.

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need a smart shirt. Choose a white or light-coloured dress shirt with a detachable collar. You can also go for a striped or patterned shirt for a more distinctive Peaky Blinders style. 

As for the suit… Well, this is where things get really exciting. We actually have a whole collection of suits, specifically designed to ensure you, your guests, or your groomsmen look just like a Peaky Blinder on the big day. 

Shop Peaky Blinders Suits

And finally, let’s talk footwear… Go for classic leather boots or brogues in brown or black. Avoid modern sneakers or shoes that don't match the era. Shop our Men’s Smart Footwear for your perfect fit.


Why Are Peaky Blinders Suits So Popular?

Between the gripping storyline, incredible attire, and authentic performances, it’s not hard to pinpoint why the show is so popular. The constant tension and unexpected twists keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. 


As for the attire, this is what draws us to the TV series so much. The same could be said for the general aesthetic of the show. Peaky Blinders has a very striking and unique visual aesthetic. The show's realism of the 1920s is enhanced by the meticulous attention to detail, which extends to the set and costume designs.

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