Focus On: Skinny Trousers

Over the years trends have transitioned with regards to suit fits. Back in the 19th century, suit trousers were generally cut loose and wide resulting in a baggy fit. This baggy fit served well over the decades however nowadays, the slim and skinny fits have taken the formalwear world by storm, and are arguably the most popular fits you'll find when suit shopping. The 21st century has shown us that it's okay to wear things a little more fitted and the results of a structured and nipped in silhouette will diminish any doubts you had. So here's all you need to know about the sought after skinny fit trousers. 


A common misconception is that skinny and slim fit are the same. Although both are made to be form-fitting, skinny fit is just that bit more figure-hugging. Skinny fit trousers will feel tighter and are specifically designed to contour your legs to add shape and definition. This contemporary fit is generally narrower throughout, but noticeably at the thighs, calves and hem.


Trends continue to change but right now the skinny fit trousers are in their prime. You may have noticed their surge in popularity as you stroll down the high street. In short, they are a 21st century spin on a traditional classic and if you want to look like you know a thing or two about current trends, then it may be worth bagging some. Also, if you're a slim and slender gent, we can guarantee that a skinny fit trouser will be your best bet,


Now, it is important to note that skinny fit isn't for everyone. As the name suggests, it is undeniably flattering on those with a slender physiqueOf course, it is down to personal preference and how you like your trousers to fit so don't rule them out, but to compare, the difference between a slim fit hem and a skinny fit hem from our range is around 3cm. So if you're thinking of investing in a skinny fit pair of trousers you'll need to figure out whether they would be right for you and your body shape. Undoubtably, if you're a self-confessed trend follower who finds slim or tailored fits a little too loose, the skinny fit is for you.  


All of the trouser styles in our skinny fit range contain a percentage of elastane which lends a hand to stretchability. This elastane content will ensure freedom of movement and comfort all day long. Ideal for the office when in need of something smart yet comfortable.