Get Ready for Your Return to the Office

For many, the long stint of working from home is coming to an end as employers are asking staff to return to the office and face-to-face business meetings are resuming. A sense of sophistication comes with this and although you may have become accustomed to comfort wear, the time has come for the formalwear to resurface. The suit goes hand-in-hand with office wear, many live by the mantra "dress for success" and we believe this to be true. Got your eye on that promotion? - some new threads might just give you that push you need. So let's get started...


The shirt is an understated yet important component of your workwear, forming the foundations of your outfit. When it comes to the office shirt, you need to consider two things; the collar and the colour. A crisp white classic spread collar is a failsafe option but don't rule out a splash of colour too. Nothing too loud - pale pink or blue are ideal and as long as it is a spread / forward-pointing collar it'll fit the bill.


Your shoes shouldn't be an afterthought. Much like the shirt, they too play a significant role and deserve some consideration when planning your workwear look. The colour will be heavily dependent on your suit colour but a timeless black, dark burgundy or navy work well. Styles such as oxfords and brogues are perfect but the shoe of the season, the monk strap, cannot be ignored. Our durable leather shoes are made for the daily grind.


Picture the scene, it's the crack of dawn on your first day back at work, you dig out your work suit, brush off the dust and slip it on but much to your surprise, you find that it doesn't quite fit as well as it used to. Whether you've been hitting the cardio or quite the opposite, an ill-fitting suit will not do you any favours! But hey, what a great opportunity to hit refresh and spruce up your style. Kick the dull charcoal suit to the curb and opt for a more vibrant shade such as blue or even burgundy. 


 - It's good practice to invest in two pairs of trousers for work to keep on rotation as these will be the part of the suit which will wear the most. A good pair of black trousers will see you through many workdays, shop ours here.

- Keep at least 5 shirts to see you through the week.

 - Wear a belt matching your shoes to complete your look.

- A two button blazer is most appropriate for the office. 


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