Get Set For Your 2021 Wedding

Well, 2020 was certainly not what any of us imagined. It was destined to be a huge year for weddings but as a result of the pandemic, the wedding industry was hit hard. Many couples had to go through the heartbreaking endless cycle of postponement after postponement. 2021 is the light at the end of that tunnel as many have rescheduled their big days to take place this year. It's going to be a big one for weddings! Time to get excited again as although there may be some changes made, it is still guaranteed to be the best day of your life. Lets stay positive and remember, you can postpone, reschedule but love isn't cancelled!



If you haven't already sorted your suits you may want to consider the trends which are going to be popular this year! Each year we see the wedding norms being challenged with regards to suits. The traditional wedding suit is becoming less and less popular as many grooms-to-be choose to opt for something a little bit different. In 2021 we'll be seeing an array of bold colours such as moss green and burgundy as well as an overall slim/skinny fitting approach. You may also want to consider a double-breasted waistcoat, an underrated yet attention-grabbing piece which is just perfect for your wedding day! Not to mention tweed which in our rule book is acceptable every year and all year round! For summer weddings opt for a lighter tweed suit and for winter weddings a wool-content heavy tweed would be ideal.


As the date approaches the to-do list will rack up. Every wedding is different so you may find yourself with extra to-do's to tick off but here's a brief list of the main things you should remember...

  • Round the troops and dish out the groomsmen requests. Then whittle it down to one Best Man.
  • Plan yours, the best man and the groomsmen suits. Collect everyone's sizes and keep track on a spreadsheet or a note.
  • Take care of the rings. This is a big responsibility for a groom, we've heard of many a horror story of rings going missing, don't let that be you! Guard them with your life or you'll be in the doghouse pretty early on!
  • Buy your bride a present (it's tradition on the morning of your wedding to give your bride a gift).
  • Book a honeymoon. Even if it's a staycation, it's important to spend some worry-free, relaxed and quality time with your new lifelong partner. It's not where you are, it's who you're make the most of this time before life gets in the way. 



In the current climate, we know that budgets can be tight so make the most of our exclusive wedding offers, you can find out all about them here. We're also finding ways to help couples throughout this difficult time so if you have found yourself in a position where your wedding has been postponed and you have already invested in your suits, just contact our team on who will do their utmost to assist.