How to Level up Your Workwear

Workwear has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. Gone are the days of unshapely grey suits blending into the sea of commuters. In the midst of the 21st century style is ever-changing and consequently suits for the office have taken a serious level up. Many firms are becoming increasingly relaxed about office wear rules, this allows you to break the mould of the past expectations. Let's face it, these are suits you'll be wearing the majority of your time so show some personality, pop some colour and most importantly get the fit right. Need a little help? Read on...



D O N ' T  S H Y  A W A Y  F R O M  C H E C K S 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is something which should be celebrated when it makes for looks like this! Don't be afraid to go bold for work, you'll be surprised at what the power of a good suit can do for your confidence. If you look good, you'll feel good which in turn will allow you to stand out amongst your may just get that promotion! Checks are a great way of showing a bit of personality whilst not over-doing it. Stick to similar, complimentary colours when choosing your check suit and go for a simple shirt to let the suit do the talking.

 Pictured: (left) Jack 3pc, Sutton shirt, Paisley/Sky tie (right) Danny/Blue Grey 3pc, Shelby/Sky shirt, TB17/Blue tie




K E E P  I T  C O O R D I N A T E D 

We're all for taking risks but colour clashing for the office can be seen as taking it a bit too far so we'd suggest coordinating your colours for a clean cut and classic look. Fine tuning your accessories not only looks sharp but also gives off the right message by showing attention to detail and perfectionism, valuable traits in a work environment. Settle on up to three key colours for subtle sophistication, matching your tie, belt and shoes. If your suit is patterned go for plain accessories, if your suit is plain go for patterned accessories. You can't go wrong with these simple rules. 

 Pictured: (left) Jenson/Grey 3pc, Charlie shirt, KT/Rust tie (right) Ben 3pc, Alfie/Blue shirt, KT/Grey Stripe tie


B L U E  I S  B E S T

Blue is a popular choice for office attire, and for good reason too. Nothing shouts professionalism like a classy blue three piece. But don't automatically go for the bog standard plain navy suit, put some more thought into it and explore the multitude of shades and types of check on offer. Whether it's a royal blue windowpane or sky blue prince of wales, you'll look like you've just come from Wall Street. Blue suits are also easy to style, they look great paired with other varying shades of blue or with a contrast but complimentary colour like blush pink.

Pictured: (left) Steve 3pc, Shelby/Sky shirt (right) Sid/Blue 3pc, Paisley/Pink tie, Alfie/White shirt



G I V E  Y O U R  S H I R T  S O M E  T H O U G H T

 Something that often gets overlooked when it comes to work wear is the shirt. Most people take the easy route and pick out a plain as can be white shirt but you don't want to be like most people! Shirts have evolved and instead of allowing them blend into the background, let them take centre stage and tie in with the rest of your look. If your suit is checked, pair with a penny collar shirt for an edge on the vintage side or go for a shirt with contrast buttons to match the suit accents. Plain suit? A patterned shirt would do the job at adding interest and if you're feeling adventurous pop some colour!

 Pictured: (left) Jerry/Grey trousers (right) Max/Black 3pc, Charlie/White Tan shirt

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