How to Measure for a Suit

How to Measure for a Suit 

The fit of your suit is imperative therefore the first thing you need to do before investing in one is to measure yourself. Many think it's a job for the tailor but why go through all that effort when you can grab a tape measure and do it yourself in five minutes? Follow our simple steps to get the most perfect fitting suit possible.

Tools for measuring a suit

- A tape measure with inches

- A notebook to keep track of your measurements

- A mirror (optional)

- A trusty friend to help (optional)

Tips for taking your suit measurements

Use this section to offer helpful tips or tricks Marc Darcy can supply. As the industry expert, offer information others couldn’t. For example, is there a particular time you should measure prior to a big event? Should the reader be measuring twice to ensure correct measurements? Etc…

How long does it take to measure for a suit?

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A) How to measure your chest

Arguably the most important one to get right, the chest measurement is super easy to take. With your tape measure we recommend starting at the centre of your back (this is where your trusty friend will come in handy!) at the highest point under your arms and going all the way around the front of your chest until you meet the point you started at the back. Take this in inches and you'll have an accurate measurement to refer to when choosing your blazer and waistcoat size. 

B) How to measure your waist

This one can come down to preference on where you personally like your trousers to sit but we'd recommend measuring just below the navel, around 1 inch above the hip bone. Don't pull too tight and make sure you are relaxed (not breathing in) in order to identify an accurate measurement for your trouser size. 

C) How to measure your sleeve

Not as important as chest and waist measurements as generally sleeve lengths are made in line with these however everyone is different and there may be occasions where you need to check this. To do this keep your arm relaxed by your side and measure from the shoulder seam of the top you are wearing all the way down to where you would prefer the sleeve to end. We recommend having your sleeve run to just above the top of your wrist bone, leaving enough space for about half an inch of your shirt to poke out. 

D) How to measure the inside of your leg

We're not all the same height and although ankle swingers are gaining popularity in the tailoring world, traditionalism is often favoured. To measure your inside leg, simply start at the crotch and measure all the way down to the desired length, generally the ankle bone. This will determine whether you need a short (29") regular (31") or long (33") trouser. If you are in between lengths it may be best to opt for the longer length as you always have the option of getting them taken up slightly. 

If you would like to know accurate measurements of all of our suit sizes you can view our complete suit size guide.

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