How to Measure Your Collar Size

As you're most likely aware, your neck measurement plays a crucial role in shirt sizes and therefore important to get right. A great fitting shirt makes all the difference to your overall look, nobody wants baggy sleeves reminiscent of school years, or just as bad, buttons bursting at the seams. When planning your shirt purchase, you're after a fit close to the body to create a streamlined silhouette. It's a question many people ask themselves, so here's how to measure your collar size.


Y O U  W I L L  N E E D :

- A tape measure (with inches on)



Take your tape measure and position it at the base of your neck where the shirt collar would sit. With this in position, wrap the tape measure all the way around your neck, keeping one finger under the tape measure to allow for some breathing room. Check this measurement in inches, take a note of it and this will give you the starting point to choosing the right size shirt.


T I P S : 

- Make sure the tape is level when measuring

- A good place to position is at the bottom of your Adams Apple

- Do not pull the tape too tightly

- Recruit a friend to help get an accurate measurement


Marc Darcy shirts are S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes however below is a chart offering guidance on which size to go for based on your collar measurement (please use this as a general guide, measurements may not be 100% accurate).



If you require a little extra help with finding the right size for you, just email our team on who will be happy to assist you.