How to Wear New Style Watson

Not for the faint-hearted, the brand new Watson suit makes quite the impression. This characterful style with an alluring, natural colour palette needs to be tackled head on and with the right styling it will look fresh off the runway. Don't shy away from this one, here are a few ways to make it work into your formalwear collection. 



There is such a thing as check overload and whilst a three piece laden with a beautiful bold check can work superbly for some occasions, others it can be a little OTT. For those days when you feel the need to tone it down a tad, bring in a block colour. The rich navy blue and tan accents of the Max range tie into the Watson check like a match made in heaven. You have free reign to mix this combo up however you wish and no matter what you end up with you're guaranteed a seriously sharp look. 



Pictured: Watson Blazer, Watson Waistcoat, Watson Trousers, Max Blazer, Max Waistcoat & Max Trousers.


The great thing about a check suit is that you can pull out the colours to help match up to other elements of the look. As well as navy Watson also features tan, another neutral colour which you're guaranteed to have key items already to pair up with. If tan is more your vibe grab a dose of the Kelly waistcoat. We've said it before and we'll say it again, Kelly is a foolproof mix and match waistcoat and fits into this look like a dream. Again you have full flexibility to make this one your own, even down to the option of a double or single-breasted waistcoat. 



Pictured: Watson Blazer, Watson Waistcoat, Watson Trousers & Kelly Waistcoat.

If you're ready to fashion the full Watson three piece in all its attention-grabbing glory then take the plunge! The Charlie shirt matches perfectly without the addition of a tie to show the contrast buttons. Alternatively opt for a traditionally vintage look with a penny collar shirt and either navy or tan tie.