How To Write a Groom's Speech

If there's ever a speech which you need to score big points on, then this is it. The grooms speech is not one to be taken lightly. Your bride and the guests will be anticipating something special (no pressure) so give them what they're looking for, and some, with a knockout speech sure to impress. The two key aspects your speech should feature are giving thanks and expressing how you feel on the most memorable day of your life. Guaranteed the hardest part will be knuckling down and putting pen to paper so make a start sooner rather than later with the help of our handy tips.



 T H E  S T A R T

The most common way to begin your speech is thanking all the necessary guests and contributors to the day. Traditionally the groom's speech will come after the Father of the Bride's speech so start off with him. Keep your thanks short and sweet, you don't want to be boring the audience as you run through the entire guest list. Focus on the key figures who have made the day a success through generous acts of kindness. The people to remember to give thanks to are the parents of the bride, your parents, your best man, groomsmen and the bridesmaids.


T H E  M I D D L E

Now the easiest part is done, it's time to get meaningful and fill the main body of the speech, the part where you wax lyrical about your new wife. You have the opportunity here to tell a story, however, try not fall into the clichés. You don't want people to think you've googled 'Groom's Speech' and copied the first thing you've come across. Yes, everyone loves a romantic story about the day you first met and by all means include this but have it alongside some original content tailored to the bride with all her quirks and qualities. You have most likely spent months on end planning this day together so this part is your little surprise for her. Aim to have her laughing out loud and crying tears of happiness all in the space of around 10 minutes. How hard can it be talking about the love of your life? You've got this!


T H E  E N D

Congratulations, you'd done the difficult bit! To round off your speech the most appropriate thing to do is to raise a toast to all the guests and particularly your new bride. You can also thank the bridesmaids in this part of the speech instead of at the beginning, this tends to be a more traditional approach however there is no right or wrong nowadays. So go ahead, raise your glass to the bride and the most wonderful day of your life, and get yourself seated for the infamous best man's speech!


T H I N G S  T O  R E M E M B E R
- Don't exceed the 10 minute mark, in fact aim for 8
- Cue cards
- Practise makes perfect
- Don't leave anyone out of the thank you's
- Give gifts to the important family members
- Keep smiling and relax