One Suit, Four Ways | Harry

Some may say that a man can never have too many suits however this would imply that one has ample wardrobe space to keep them and an abundance of places and occasions to wear them too. On the flip side, how about taking one suit and creating multiple looks from it? Think of it as a somewhat capsule wardrobe where you have all the essentials required for tailored looks. This is where our One Suit, Four Ways feature comes into play, bringing you inspiration and ideas which will allow you to get the most out of one suit. Versatility is key and the Harry suit is one that demonstrates this well. A summertime favourite, Harry with its sky blue tone can be adapted to weddings, garden parties and casual weekends. Let us show you how this can be achieved..



L O O K  1

As we kick things off with the formal looks, you can see that Harry adapts to weddings like a duck to water. The light blue tone keeps things cheery and bright and you can accentuate the check through pink accessories, a colour combination perfectly suited to a Spring wedding. You also have the option of making things extra dapper with a double breasted waistcoat. Whether you're groom or guest you'll be catching looks in this outfit!


L O O K  2

Mix and match like a boss by swapping out the Harry waistcoat for the Kelly, giving you something a little bit more imaginative. It also does well at breaking up the check if you feel there's a bit too much going on. Go for a classic navy bowtie to match the colour of the waistcoat. Something blue? Sorted!



L O O K  3

It doesn't have to be all buttonholes and bowties, the reason we have selected the Harry for this feature is that it can look just as good when styled casually. You can get the best of both worlds and still wear your mix and match Kelly waistcoat and a pinstripe penny collar shirt but with denim instead. Ideal for dinner dates or after work drinks.


L O O K  4

We know that Harry looks great with pink so opt for a pale pink shirt unbuttoned for casual simplicity. It makes for a change from the usual white shirt and reflects the Spring/Summer season perfectly. Wear with jeans for a cracking combination of style and comfort. 


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