How Should A Suit Fit?

Nothing beats a well-fitted suit therefore the fit should be at the forefront of your mind when buying a suit. There are a few things you should take into consideration, so here are a few ways to tell that you're on to a winner...




The shoulders of the blazer should lay completely flat with the seams ending at the end of your shoulder, where the sleeves start. There should be no wrinkles or gathered fabric - the shoulder pads will help slightly to form the natural shape. How the blazer fits on the shoulders will be a good indication of the best size for you.

The length is also key, for both the blazer overall and the sleeves. The general rule of thumb is that the blazer should cover the trouser pockets and come down to the point where the crotch seam/zip starts. The sleeves should expose half an inch of your shirt and sit at your wrist bone. 

The waist of the blazer is also one to consider as a shapeless blazer will not do you any favours! With the top button fastened you should achieve a slightly tapered silhouette without it being too tight. You should also be able to easily slot your hand under the lower lapel without it feeling too tight.



The waistcoat is quite a simple one. Like most of the components to a suit, it should fit close to the body without being restrictive or gaping at the neckline. As with the blazer, the shoulders should sit flat and not lift up at all when you move. There will be adjuster strap(s) to the reverse which will help you nip in the waist slightly but these shouldn't be too heavily relied upon. 

In terms of length, your waistcoat should not expose your shirt but run to about an inch past the trouser waistband. The fit of your trousers will help achieve this.



Speaking of trousers, let's explore them a little further! Suit trousers come in a range of different fits so it's up for debate exactly what the 'right' fit should be but there are a few rules you can follow to help you determine the best size. Firstly, they should fit perfectly around your waist without the need for a belt. Adding a belt for styling purposes is great but it shouldn't be used to pull in the waist too much as this will cause the fabric to gather.

The seat should fit close without sagging or pulling and there should be little to no break (fold where the trousers meet your shoe). Ideally, you want to avoid a full break where there will be a lot of fabric gathered at the shoe.


With these pointers fresh in your mind, go ahead and explore our range of mens suits here.