Weddings In The Pandemic | Kerry & Marc's Story

It's been a rollercoaster of ups, downs and full circles for so many couples over the past year and a half. To uplift the spirits of those in the process of planning a wedding and shed a little bit of optimism, we've been sharing the stories of the happy couples who have managed to have unforgettable days despite the circumstances. This time, it is the turn of the lovely Kerry and Marc who decided on an elopement back in August 2020...



Let's start from the beginning, tell us about your engagement.

Marc: The engagement was unique, we had gone to New York for my 40th birthday and Kerry had no idea at all. The day before my birthday we were just exploring the city and we visited Grand Central Station, there in the corner on the stairs in front of god knows how many people I dropped to one knee and asked Kerry to marry me. Her first reply was "Get off the floor you twat" ...but then she obviously said yes! 

Kerry: The engagement took me completely by surprise! This was a man who swore he didn’t even believe in marriage...I was floored! We had just been to Tiffany’s in New York and he laughed when we were asked if we would like to see the engagement rings! It is a moment in my life where I would love to go back and just take it all in again. My Marc on his knees, it was lovely!



So after that amazing engagement, what did you have planned for the wedding?

Kerry: We spoke at length about the kind of wedding we wanted. It was literally either going to be massive (due to my enormous family) or elope without telling anyone...obviously we chose the latter! We were really worried about upsetting our friends and family but ultimately knew we wanted to focus only on each other. It was the most magical secret we’ve ever kept and I actually miss it!  

How long did it take to make your wedding plans & where did the ceremony take place?

Kerry: I don’t think it took much planning to be fair! Planning a big wedding was something that overwhelmed us but this was just venue and outfits really! I found our venue, BoHo in Cornwall, by chance on the internet and completely fell in love with it! Marc has always called my his crazy hippie so the name kind of fit us too!

We agreed on a camper van as it was just too cool and as Marc is a huge car and motorsport fanatic we just couldn’t say no. The flowers, my lovely Auntie, the flower stylist, was let in on the secret and without any direction came up with the most amazing bouquet ever and everything else we kind of just winged it on the day! Lucky us!!



Tell us more about the day itself

Kerry: So what can I say about our elopement at BoHo in was everything we dreamed it would be and more!! Luckily for us, because of our top secret plans to elope, we managed to escape the awful effect that Covid-19 had on so many other couples magical wedding day. We did have to change the date once but that worked in our favour what with the amazing weather we had! Our ceremony was full of love and also giggles! Marc's face when he saw me was just perfection and I have never seen him looking so bloody handsome either!  I remember trying to take in that I was now this gorgeous man's wife, while laughing as the registrar spelt my lovely new married name wrong not once but 5 times! We still crack up every time someone asks us how to spell it!!

After that we just soaked up every minute of joy riding in the camper van to go have lunch and drinks on the beach and make some phone calls to spill the beans and let our loved ones know we had just got married!! Wow!!

Then, on our photographers advice, we went out again later where the fog seemed to appear out of nowhere, we got chased by a dog out of a field, hiked miles down the cliffs (and back up again), and trashed my beautiful dress on the way, only to then miss our dinner reservation so instead sat and stuffed a Chinese takeaway while shaking sand out of every pocket, crease and crevice from our dream outfits! Wedded bliss!!!


What an unforgettable day! How did your loved ones react to the news of your elopement?

Kerry: Our loved ones were really surprised! Mostly that I could keep a secret like that! They were over the moon for us and agreed that it actually just so suited us! Running away and getting married in secret is kind of romantic really. They were super happy for us!

A question for Marc - how did you decide on your suit for the day?

Marc: The suit (Eton) was a no brainer for me. I follow you guys on social media and I love all the suits you do! It was a difficult choice as there were a few but I settled with the right one in the end.


Finally, do you have any advice to any newly engaged couples planning their wedding?

Kerry: Just remember why you're doing it and don’t be scared to be a little bit selfish! The day goes by so quickly so try to soak in every single moment together! Best day of our life it was! Our very own little piece of perfect, just us two! We wish you all the very best too!

Photography credits: Enchanted Brides Photography

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