What Is a Lounge Suit?

You may be familiar with the term 'lounge suit' and may have questioned the true definition, and rightly so! Lounge suit is a very loose dress code with no definitive rules and therefore often left open to interpretation. However the term may sound, one thing is certain and that is it's far from the clothes you would usually associate with loungewear. There is a basis of what is accepted as part of a lounge suit dress code and there are certain aspects which we can share to help you along the way with this ambiguous term. 

lounge suit


The Answer

To put it simply, a lounge suit is merely your average business suit. Suits generally vary in formality, with tailcoats and dinner suits at the very top end of the scale. Anything below these on the scale can be classed as a lounge suit. Whether it is plain or checked, wool or poly-viscose, most options will suffice for this dress code, you just need to make sure that it's smart. 


  lounge suit


The History Of a Lounge Suit 

So why does the term lounge suit exist I hear you ask? It does seem a little unnecessary considering it is basically just your traditional suit. Well, as with most formalwear, the term derives from long before our time when generally men dressed in a suit as part of their daily attire. As the years have gone on, everyday wear has become increasingly more casual. Back in those days morning suits and dinner suits were favoured for the formal occasions and a lounge suit was seen as a casual option for day-to-day life, but still with an intent to look smart and well presented. The lounge suit dress code crops up on invitations today to generally define the level of formality for said event. In short, a lounge suit is our idea of smart. 


 lounge suit


Lounge Suit Dress Code

Thankfully there are endless options to choose from for this particular dress code. As long as your blazer matches your trousers you can't really go wrong. Chances are, you're likely to already own a lounge suit. However, something to bear in mind is the colour. In theory this is completely your call as there are no set rules on lounge suit colours, however, neutral blues and greys are both timeless and sophisticated, offering something you will get the wear out of. In our view, the fit should be tailored / slim for that trim silhouette and the finish doesn't have to be plain, check suits are welcome for this dress code. In terms of styling, traditionally you would wear a formal shirt and a tie. You can add personality by opting for accessories with patterns and texture whilst being cautious not to overcomplicate things. 


These are the basics for when you're hit with this unclear dress code in the future. Just remember, it's much more simple than you think!