Autumn Style Inspiration

As much as we want to cling onto Summer there's no denying that nature has a way of letting us know it's time to move on. Trees are beginning to shed their leaves and natures colour palette is transforming from vivid greens and blues to earthy oranges and reds, which can only mean one thing...Autumn has arrived. Autumn is a season which should be embraced, not only because of the stunning colours but also because it's the season where tweed comes to life. Bring your tweed out of hibernation as we provide a dose of inspiration towards your autumnal looks.


Autumn personified, this look will get you through the transition period with ease. Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, the Ellis suit in all its earthy hued glory will not only turn heads but will cut a sharp silhouette in a slim, tapered fit. Ellis contains a generous percentage of wool which lends a hand to functionality for those fresh October mornings. Bring the check down a notch by pairing with a contrasting waistcoat and get your knitwear fix with a deep green knitted tie. Bring everything together with a patterned pocket square from the same colour palette. 


Explore a more subtle colour palette with woody tans and lustrous navy. The Hardwick suit twinned with a range of blues makes for a great Autumn-ready look. Hardwick features a classic micro dogtooth check, originating from the Scottish Lowlands, and vintage style tortoise shell buttons. Don't be afraid of a pattern clash, as long as the colours compliment and the pattern isn't too busy it can be pulled off perfectly. Opt for a subtle navy polka dot pocket square to pair with Hardwick and a matching tie. Add to the vintage appeal with an antique style waistcoat chain

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Delve in to a deeper colour palette with the Luca suit paired with a contrast wine waistcoat. Checks are great for Autumn but if you do want to break it up, the Kelly waistcoat will serve you well. This heritage look reminiscent of autumnal berries is ideal against an earthy October backdrop. Additionally, Luca is a wool-mix style and therefore more durable and insulating, just what you need in an Autumn suit. Shake things up a bit with a pastel pink shirt which acts as a subtle alternative to a harsh white. Finish the look with a navy and pink polka dot tie and some wine brogues.