What to Wear for a Spring Wedding

The winter season has suddenly hit us full force like a ton of bricks however, if we cast our minds to the future, Spring is not actually too far in the distance. This hint of positivity can only mean one thing, the wedding season is gearing up and preparations should be starting to take shape. The invites may be starting to pile up or maybe you're the lucky guy tying the knot, either way if you need some inspiration towards your Spring wedding threads you're in the right place. Take a look at some of our key styles for those slightly warmer temperatures, if Mother Nature is kind to us!



There's always place for a trusty cream suit at a Spring wedding with pastel palettes in their prime. The traditional style Harding suit fits into this category nicely and will fit just as well at a rustic country themed wedding, which seem to be a trend of late. This suit features subtle blue accents which can be brought to life when teamed with a contrasting waistcoat like the Kelly which is available in both single and double breasted, it can make all the difference! 




Alternatively, you may prefer to stick to more neutral earthy shades, which is where our Ted suit comes into play. The Ted suit is cut from a tweed style cloth with a blue and yellow check and can be styled in all sorts of ways to get the most out of it. If the weather is playing ball, you can go for a laid back approach by dropping the waistcoat and teaming with a short sleeve white shirt with braces, serious vintage vibes! Or if there is a chill in the air, the full three piece looks just as dapper and will keep you warm and cosy.

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Something blue? We've got it! The sky shade of the Harry suit is a nod to hopeful bluebird days and the hint of pink running though the check gives you the opportunity to style with those pastel accessories which have been tucked away at the back of the wardrobe. No need to be afraid to add a touch of pink when it looks this good! If pink is a little too daring for you, you can go for a simple navy to match the velvet pocket trims. You'll be groomsmen goals!



We can't do a wedding post without featuring our most favoured wedding suit, the Dion. Another blue beauty, we've found that the Dion is best placed for weddings having been the Grooms choice for a long time. You have most likely come to know this one well, so we'll keep it short and sweet. Team it with our DX7 Tie to enhance the trims and be sure to take off the blazer to reveal the eye-catching gold lining featured on the back of the waistcoat. Keeping you looking dapper from all angles!



Grey tones are a go-to option for a Spring wedding. Try the Victor suit, a modern take on a vintage classic with great character. Paired with the right accessories this suit can become more and more appropriate for the occasion, opt for lighter shades of blue or grey, and work some pattern in through the tie to add a touch of charm. A simpler style is often better, especially when trying to coordinate with the all important bridesmaids dresses, flowers etc.!

Keep your eyes peeled for some more Spring styles coming soon in the next few weeks! Find them in our New Arrivals category.