What To Wear To An Autumn Wedding

There's a fine line to nailing the wedding guest look. Of course you want to look your best and show off your finest styling skills yet, at the same time you don't want to be upstaging the groom on his big day. It can be a tricky conundrum to crack but if there every was a good time to do it, it's Autumn! During the fall months there's enough chill in the air to warrant a tweed three piece yet plenty of autumn sunshine to keep you from layering up making it ideal weather conditions for a suit. So if you're lucky enough to bag an Autumn wedding invite, here's some inspiration for a look which will certainly hit the mark.


Your trusty work suit just won't cut it this time. A wedding is the occasion to really come into your own and a great opportunity to pop a bit of personality which you wouldn't usually get to do on the 9-5. There may be a set dress-code, often dependent on the time of the reception, but either way a tweed suit in the Autumn will serve you well! Nothing too ostentatious, a subtle grey or navy tweed are failsafe options and will add texture to your look. Accessorise with a patterned tie, avoid the corporate looking stripes and opt for something a bit more whimsical such as florals or paisleys. Don't always restrict yourself to a white shirt either, a pastel blue or pink can do wonders for your overall look, giving it an instant lift.



Use the autumnal colour palette to your advantage and reflect it in your look. A burgundy wine or moss green three piece may seem like bold choices but boy do they look great, and there aren't many other occasions where you'll be able to pull it off. Fashion a coloured suit with pride and pair with a contrasting patterned tie for extra impact. If you go for a block colour suit, you can even brave a patterned shirt which will add an instant lift. 



Autumn is the perfect season to wear checks. It helps that most are woven with subtle earthy tones which pair perfectly against an Autumn backdrop. They also add texture and depth to your look whilst conveying effortless charm. Go for neutral tones such as navy, grey and tan with a maximum of three colours included in the check. The check you go for is personal preference but try to steer clear of bold windowpane checks, instead go for smaller scaled checks like dogtooth or prince of wales. You don't want to create too much of a colour contrast either. These pointers will ensure you don't steal the show, which as a wedding guest, is common courtesy.