A Guide to Boys Wedding Suits

Wedding season is upon us and if your boys have an invite then it’s time to start thinking about their attire. Knowing how to dress your boys for a wedding can be tricky, but whether they’re a baby, toddler or a pre-teen, a 3 piece suit is always the right choice.

We’ve put together a guide of commonly asked questions to help you navigate things a bit easier, so if you are wondering how to dress boys for a wedding, this one’s for you!

Pageboy posing by windows wearing blue tweed 3 piece suit

What should boys wear for a wedding?

A three piece suit is always the right option for boys formal wear. Even children want to dress up to the nines every now and then, so choose an outfit that brings them joy. It’s always a good idea to get your little gentleman involved in the decision making (if they’re old enough!) to engage them in the process and get them excited about their clothes. Having your child help choose will also lower the chances of a temper tantrum!

If your little lad is just a wedding guest then you have more freedom when it comes to colours and styles – but if your boy is part of the wedding party and you’re looking for pageboy suits, then talk with the bride and groom first, they may want your little one to match the groomsmen completely, or work within a set colour scheme. If you are looking for boys wedding suits that match with the groom’s party - or even just matches with dad - all Marc Darcy children’s suits have a matching adult option available – See the full range of suits here.

Our suits range from ages 1yrs to 14yrs, which then goes straight into our men’s sizes, so you’ll never find a suit that won’t fit!

Groomsmen and young boy wearing navy checked tweed three piece suits on wedding day

What suit should you choose for a summer wedding?

The venue and season can have a say in what boys suit to choose. If you’re going to be under the summer sun then lightweight fabrics are the best option. Steer clear of wool blends and consider some brighter fabrics. Click here to see the lighter options.

Our Bromley range is ideal for spring/summer weddings and has added elastane for extra comfort and stretch. Read more on the range here.

If you’re heading to a wedding in a cooler to mid-temperature climate then a classic boys tweed suit may be your answer. Marc Darcy is known for our classic tweed three piece suits and that doesn’t stop for children. Click here to see our range of boys tweed suits.

Do keep in mind - you may be going to a wedding in summer, but don’t forget the unreliability of English weather. A three piece suit is always important to arm you against fluctuating temperatures even if the blazer gets removed after the ceremony.

children running wearing boys blue tweed three piece suits

What accessories should boys wear for a wedding?

Accessories are the best way to add personal style and pizzazz to your look and young boys are no exception. We always recommend a bow tie for ultimate suave style but a neck tie is just as strong a choice. All our children’s accessories match an adult’s size, so you’ll always be able to match dad. Our accessories come in a range of colours and fabrics and are even made to match our suit linings. Shop our range of boys’ accessories here.

To finish off your boy’s suit you’ll need a white shirt and some smart shoes. Why not reuse their white school polo and school shoes to help save some pennies?

child wearing boys bow tie and boys tweed suit


How far in advance should you buy your boy’s wedding suit?

You may want to get organised as far in advance as possible, but don’t forget that children can grow quickly! We’d advise holding off on buying your boy’s suit until a few months before the big day to ensure the best fit (and get the most wear out of it)!

Why choose Marc Darcy?

Marc Darcy’s boys’ suits don’t skimp on quality, they are produced with just as much finesse and craftsmanship as our men’s suits. All boy’s 3 piece suits feature a fully lined blazer, with signature MD colour-pop lining, functional pockets, a matching pocket square, Marc Darcy lapel pin and spare buttons. The waistcoats feature matching linings on the back and are made robustly with high quality fabrics. The boy’s suit trousers all feature an elasticated buttoned waistband to allow for the perfect fit that will keep him comfortable all day long. All boys’ suits have an identical adult counterpart, so you'll never have to worry about searching for a match. We’ve got you covered!

father and son wearing matching blue tweed wedding suits 

Top tips for children at weddings

  1. Make sure their outfit isn’t too tight! Having some space not only allows longer wear as your boy grows, but will also avoid any ripped seams when they’re running around the gardens and sliding across the dancefloor.
  2. If you are worried about them making a mess when eating, remember to pack a bib, or if they’re older, pack a spare shirt – just in case.
  3. If your child is young and easily restless pack some quiet distractions like some healthy snacks or a quiet toy like a doll or a colouring book. You don’t want a fuss during the wedding vows!
  4. Remember to take lots of photos! There aren’t many occasions to dress your boy up to the nines, so be sure to capture the memory. Posed pictures are always necessary but don’t forget to snap some candids while they play and dance.

children wearing boys three piece wedding suits holding balloons

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