A Guide to Our Suit Fits

The key to a great looking suit is getting the fit right. It generally boils down to personal preference, but knowing what certain terms mean and what they entail will do you well on your journey to buying the perfect suit. 



The tailored fit bridges the gap between a regular fit and a slim fit. It gives more room for freedom of movement and a wider leg opening on the trousers. As modern day suits become slimmer and slimmer, the tailored fit often acts as a happy medium for those who want a contemporary look but not too figure hugging. This fit is available is some of our classic, older suit styles.



Our most favoured fit, slim fit, is how the majority of our suits come standardly. It sits close to the body and accentuates the natural shape, tapering throughout the legs and curving in at the waist. It is arguably the most popular fit of the current day as it is seen as more figure flattering.



Our skinny fit trousers are available in selected styles and trousers only. They are the narrowest leg you can get and are specifically designed to contour the legs to add shape and definition. Particularly suited to those with slender physiques, the skinny fit has a much narrower hem and have surged in popularity over recent years.