Alternative Wedding Styles with Carl Thompson

With everything going on in the world, the painstaking process of sourcing a wedding suit can be pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Thankfully we've teamed up with established blogger and content creator, Carl Thompson, to relieve some of the pressure and offer some trusted advise. With years of menswear experience under his belt, as well as founding two successful brands, you know you can rely on Carl to give you the lowdown on what to wear and how to wear it. Without further ado, we pass you over to Carl to run through his alternative wedding styles from our new collection...


Today I'm going to talk about 3 suits by Marc Darcy ideal for any would-be groomsman out there. The cost of weddings can soon start to spiral out of control. The best thing about a Marc Darcy ready to wear suit, is not just the quality, but the accessible price point.

For people not accustomed to wearing suits on a daily basis, shopping for a wedding suit can be a bit of a minefield. And not always a pleasurable experience.

A Marc Darcy suit injects an element of fun into the experience. I want to talk about each of these three suits individually and illustrate best I can how they will work for you.


This suit features a micro dogtooth woven in neutral tan, grey and navy. It's a slim fit so very modern and contemporary. Functional pockets on the inside and outside, perfect for those rings or prompt cards when doing the speeches after the ceremony. 

I like this as an alternative wedding suit as it's a breakaway from the conventional black tie. It exudes a youthful appeal, and it's different without being overtly flashy or ostentatious. 

It's a poly-blend so will certainly take a kicking. You can let your freak flag fly in this suit, do some knee slides on the dance floor. 


The blue check suit is an ideal option for a wedding. This one has the added bonus of being a little louder than most and will certainly ameliorate your style amongst your fellow guests. You can see there are interesting details on the coat and vest that also vitaminises this suit. On the skirt pockets you have a darker shade of navy on the piping of the pockets that pulls focus to the neat lines and symmetry. This navy piping is also evident on the rear trouser pockets. 

The waistcoat also has these highlights, though these pockets are jetted and the ticket pocket has a burgundy strip to reflect the colour of the buttons. 

Once the speeches are done and everyone has been fed and watered, it's time to unveil the waistcoat. The back has the signature Marc Darcy signature print lining and is quite remarkable. 

This three piece navy check suit is a wool and poly-blend so has an interesting texture to it to compliment the overall feel and aesthetic. 


Saving the best 'til last. Here is my personal favourite and judging by some of the feedback on my Instagram page, I'd say it's a crowd favourite too. The double breasted waistcoat is certainly more formal and separates this slightly from a conventional suit. 

This is more subtle than the other three. Less bells and whistles, perfect if your personal style is more withdrawn. No extraneous detailing on the pocket trims for example. 

This suit doesn't have to be just your wedding day suit. Many friends I know that have got married have got limited mileage out of their wedding suit. It's as if we like to cryopreserve those special memories into single garments and never let them have new experiences. 

Now we're living in more eco-conscious times, it makes sense to have a suit that can be practical for a multitude of events. Once more after the wedding budget has been put through the wringer factoring in catering and flowers, sadly there's not always enough in the kitty to get a bespoke Savile Row suit. And if you're not wearing suits on a daily basis, would you really get your monies worth out of a 2k bespoke suit? 

These Marc Darcy three suits are a great inception for those looking for a fun, modern, and inexpensive suit for their special day. Happy to answer any other questions regarding fit or styling on my instagram page. 

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