Guide to Summer Wedding Attire for Men

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Wedding Attire for Men

If you’re gearing up to tie the knot in the perfect groom’s suit, getting ready to deliver a roaring best man speech or simply want to be the best-dressed wedding guest, Marc Darcy has got you covered. Looking good in tailored clothing doesn't have to be a once-in-a-while event. We've selected some of our favourite elegant tailoring heroes, ranging from the timely to the timeless, that will have you feeling suave like Bond in no time.

Summer Wedding Outfits For Men

Now, let’s explore our favourite wedding attire for men this summer…


The classic cream suit with a celebrity seal of approval, our Harry Maguire suit was exclusively designed for Manchester United captain Harry Maguire. The footballing star collaborated with the MD team to design his ideal wedding suit, which is undoubtedly the best wedding attire for a summer wedding. Cream is a popular dress code for warm-weather weddings, especially for weddings abroad, but how do you style a cream suit? 
Marc Darcy Harry Maguire Wedding Suit

How To Style The Classic Cream Suit

The HM5 Suit's yellow tone complements blue beautifully, and it also looks fantastic with other natural colours like tans, oranges, and browns. Due to the simplicity of this style, you can add a print to it by wearing a printed shirt or adding accessories like a tie or pocket square. 
The groom wearing a contrasting waistcoat is an excellent approach to add distinction between the Groom and his Ushers. The ideal option is either our Kelvin Waistcoat in Tan or our Kelvin Waistcoat in Sky Blue. The choice will mostly depend on the wedding's theme and which fashion matches the colours and fabrics of the decor and bridesmaid dresses. 


Looking sharp is a breeze with the Edinson Check suit with its classic check design. This navy check suit provides timeless style, perfect for both summer and formal occasions like a wedding. Crafted from lightweight fabric, it'll keep you feeling comfortable in any situation. A blue suit is one of the most adaptable pieces a man can own. 
The same three-piece you get married in, with some clever tricks, can also work for days in the office, casual smart date nights and drinks with the lads. Why is a blue suit more versatile than the rest? It’s less sombre than a black suit and more interesting than a grey. It flatters all skin tones and pairs perfectly with everything on the colour wheel. 
Men's check suits from Marc Darcy

How To Style A Check Suit In The Summer

The fail-safe combo of light blue shirt and printed tie is guaranteed to look sophisticated, whatever the occasion. This classic combo works for weddings or work. The trick is to choose the print carefully.  Weddings; floral and delicate printed ties work best. The office; striped and polka dot printed ties help to make the look more formal for those important meetings.


Blue suits have long been a staple in every man’s wardrobe, embodying the perfect blend of style, sophistication and elegance. This men’s blue suit with a hint of check is the perfect mix between vivid and tonal blue, making the overall aesthetic of the style super versatile. Its distinctive colour makes it perfect for pairing with almost anything. How do you style it for a summer wedding? We’ll show you how.
Marc Darcy Blue Suits

How To Style Blue Suits In Summer

A three piece suit is the epitome of tailored class. Style with a stripe shirt and simple tie for the occasion calls for more formality. Going for weekend drinks? Lose the waistcoat and pair with a simple crew neck jumper and smart trainers for a casual smart look. 


Whilst grey suits can mistakenly be considered the boring choice of suit, the tan details in this style elevate it past its counterparts and make it work for the modern man. It’s safe to say grey suits are firmly back on the fashion radar as a timeless choice to opt for, it's considered more classic than blue and more interesting than black. A few key styling tricks will ensure you are making the right kind of statement and rocking a grey suit with precision and poise.
Men's grey check suits

How To Style Tones For Summer Attire

Whilst most colours of shirts will work with a plain grey suit, it's wise to note any subtle hints of colour in a style when choosing the shirt. For this style, the tonal tan makes white, neutral or earthy tones the route to go down. 
The metallic hue of grey makes it perfect for pairing with gold and silver, so be sure to add in metal accessories like tie bars and cufflinks. For a sophisticated wedding look, style with an olive green shirt and tan loafers. Add a printed pocket square in an opposing earthy colour, like orange or mustard, to pull the look together.

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We hope you found our style guide for men’s wedding attire helpful. Before you go, make sure to check out our Men’s Style Blog. We also have very handy Men’s Suit Size Guides to ensure you purchase the perfect size suit.