Halloween Inspiration: Halloween Suit Ideas

Fancy looking dapper in a suit this Halloween? Or maybe you’re reading this on the morning of October 31st and looking for a last-minute costume. Fear not; you might have one in your wardrobe. 

In this article, we explore ideas for costumes that only involve a suit. Okay, maybe you’ll need to add the odd accessory, but we promise it’s easier than a trip to the dress-up shop. 

But – let’s face it, sometimes the rigmarole of thinking of a Halloween costume idea, traipsing around shops to find the perfect items, trying it on and adding all that makeup feels a little much for one evening out of the year. Or maybe you love it and are just hoping to utilise something you already own this year. 

If either of the above ring true, this is the place for you. As we see it, the majority of men will own a suit. Be that a classic black two-piece or a boldly coloured suit, it’s likely it’s hanging in your wardrobe, right?

So let’s get stuck in. Here are some of the best Halloween costumes for a suited man…

Kent Clark: Superman

If you have a blue suit and a Superman t-shirt, you’ve got yourself a costume! Imagine Superman about to take his suit off and go save the world. You’re that moment. Wear a blue single-breasted suit with a white shirt and a Superman t-shirt tucked in. Add a loose red tie for the full effect! 

If you’re unsure how to style your hair as Superman, we recommend using an ultra-strong gel to add texture and keep it in place all evening. Clark’s hair is often combed over, with a curl falling down on his forehead.

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James Bond

Going as James Bond for Halloween is such a sophisticated choice. Since he is renowned for his exquisite sense of style, so, a sharp tuxedo is a necessity. Choose a tuxedo in either black or midnight blue and pair it with a pristine white dress shirt. To round off the look, don't forget a black waistcoat and a black bow tie. Be mindful of the little things. Black patent leather shoes, cufflinks, and a pocket square are classy additions. 

To embrace Bond's love of technology, think of a stylish watch like the well-known Omega Seamaster.

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Agent J or Agent K: Men In Black

Agent J and Agent K are known for their sharp black suits. Look for a well-fitted, single-breasted black suit jacket and matching trousers. Pair your black suit with a white dress shirt. Make sure it's neatly pressed and tucked in for a polished look. And, of course, no Men in Black costume is complete without their signature sunglasses. 

Finish the look with a black belt and black formal footwear. Grab your FIB badge, and have the best Halloween!

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Patrick Bateman: American Psycho 

Dressing up as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho for Halloween will definitely make a memorable statement. You will need a pinstripe or solid-coloured suit in navy or grey. We wouldn’t be Marc Darcy if we didn’t recommend the right shirt for the occasion. As PB, you’ll want a well-fitted white shirt. As for the tie, Patrick mixes the colours up through the film – so to play it safe, we’d recommend red. Otherwise, it’s really up to you.

Keep your facial hair well-groomed, or consider a clean-shaven look for a more accurate portrayal. If you want to rock the Patrick Bateman look properly, add a clear raincoat over your attire.

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Tommy Shelby: Peaker Blinders

If there’s something we know how to do here at Marc Darcy, it’s how to style the perfect Peaky Blinders suit. We even have a whole collection of suits dedicated to exactly that.

Planning on being the best Shelby at the party? There are a few choices when it comes to dressing like a Peaky Blinder. Think herringbone suit, dark hues, and tweed. Accessorise with a pocket watch and of course, a flat cap. 

If you’d like the full down low, read our guide on How To Dress Like A Peaky Blinder.

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Whatever character you choose to go as this Halloween, please be mindful of any actions committed in the films and think of those around you. 

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We hope this article was helpful and you’re not fully equipped to rock a suit this Halloween. And, if you’re in need of a new suit or suit accessories, check out our Men’s Suits, Men’s Woolen Suits, and Men’s Dress Shirts.

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