How To Care For Your Suit

We believe that a suit is an investment piece and something that you'll wear time and time again for all your formalwear occasions. They also generally don't come cheap so it's crucial that you take care of them to assist the longevity and really get your moneys worth. Thankfully there are a few simple tips and tricks to follow to ensure you get the most out of your whistle and flute, grab a pen and take note of these 5 simple and easy steps....



Always keep your suit protected from the elements in a suit bag, especially when transporting. This will prevent creasing drastically as opposed to packing in a suitcase. A fabric bag is advisable for its breathability. Luckily all Marc Darcy suits, when purchased directly from Marc Darcy, are supplied in a complementary suit bag.



A suit can only be dry cleaned, and this is when it is absolutely necessary! We can't stress enough the impact of over dry cleaning can have on your precious threads, the chemicals can be too harsh on the delicate fibres. We recommend dry cleaning a well-worn suit 2-3 times per year. For spillages, simply dab clean with a gentle sponge and water (no detergents or rubbing) and hang in fresh air to remove unwanted odours. 



Ironing is a big no no. The intense heat from the iron can do more harm than good! We would recommend steaming to remove creases. We know that a steamer isn't your average household item so you can always improvise and hang your suit in the bathroom whilst showering. The steam will do its best to flatten out any pesky lines! 



Knowing how to hang your suit will add years onto it. The hangers to avoid are the cheap wire ones, these will have a detrimental effect on the shoulder structure of the blazer. It's best to invest in some good quality wide hangers, preferably wood as cedar helps to preserve the suit, however plastic ones are fine too. You'll also need to allow some breathing space in your wardrobe, clothes packed too tightly together will develop musty smells. 



After each wear, brush down your suit with a clean soft bristled brush. This will prevent dust and dirt settling deep into the fabric fibres which over time will weaken them. It also keeps it looking and smelling fresh for its next outing. Lint rollers also work well for this. 



Last but not least, slot a wardrobe freshener in your cupboard where you keep your suits, even keep one in the suit bag for maximum fragrance!