How to Choose a Tie For Your Suit

Creating a sophisticated and distinctive formalwear look requires careful consideration in all aspects, one of these being your choice of tie. Be it small, the tie has an important role to play in the overall look and when chosen successfully it can totally transform your suit. The finishing touch, the cherry on top, the pop of personality, this neat little accessory is one we should be thankful for. There are a few simple things to consider when it comes to selecting a tie, here's our tips on how to get it right.




The make or break aspect of your tie is the colour so let's make sure it's not the latter! A general (yet loose) rule is to ensure that the tie is darker than the suit itself however don't take this rule too seriously as in most cases you can be as creative as you want, the tie is your opportunity to do that. On the other hand for something you can wear consistently, navy is a foolproof colour option as it matches most suits. You can also cast your minds back to the colour wheel and focus on complementary colours, these rules can too be applied to formalwear just watered down slightly. For example, the combination of a pale blue shirt with a subtle orange tie pops beautifully. Some other perfect nominations are navy blue with pink, grey with blue and sky blue with wine. 





Patterned ties are perfect for bringing a block colour suit to life. The easiest and most effective patterns to start off with are polka dots and stripes. Generally these two basic patterns only have a maximum of three colours involved and are therefore easier to work into your look. When mixing patterns e.g. a patterned tie with a patterned shirt, make sure you bear the colours in mind by sticking to a single colour pattern tie and ensure the pattern is not too bold. Subtle paisleys are both contemporary and surprisingly easy to work in to a suit. Thankfully many of our suits feature paisley linings which will help a paisley tie coordinate with the rest of the look. 




Back in the day ties were predominantly made from silk materials however in an age where standing out is favoured over fitting in, the tie now has an array of materials to its name. Silk ties are still relevant and the preferred choice for more formal events however knitted ties are extremely up and coming. As they have a more relaxed and casual appearance they are best suited to summer events yet also work well for the office. Another material option is tweed. Tweed ties will make a statement and give a real vintage vibe. They can really make the difference as part of a wedding look or even a day at the races.