How to Smarten up for Summer

During summer, even the thought of busting out a suit is sweat inducing but unfortunately on occasions the go-to shorts and t-shirt just won't cut it! Thankfully there are a few ways to dress formally whilst keeping cool and comfortable, and it doesn't always involve a three piece. With temperatures rising, don't let your style fall - here are some summer suitable looks which will keep that heat at bay.

There's no better time than summer to get those pastels out that have been in hibernation for the past year, and don't be afraid to mix your colours. You'll find that most pastels work well together due to their neutrality and as pastel clothing is designed for summer wear the fabric will be naturally more lightweight and airy. A blazer, shirt and chino combination (white if you're brave enough) is an ideal summer formal wear look, the pale colours doing well at detracting the sun.

Pictured: Jack Blazer and Alfie Shirt


Comfort is key at this time of year, there's nothing worse than the combination of heat and discomfort. A good trick to avoid a restricting waistcoat under your blazer is to swap it out for a thin cardigan which fills the gap where a waistcoat would sit whilst adding casual relaxed vibes. Pair with chinos and white trainers to tie it all together. Summer styling is all about finding breathable and comfortable alternatives which will in turn be suitable for the required dress code.

 Pictured: Scott Blazer 



If you're just not ready to tuck away your three piece suits for another year, you can bridge the gap with a cream suit in an airy fabric. Cream suits are a bold, brave choice but when styled the right way they can look top notch! Something to keep in mind with cream is that a white shirt can give a washed out look, a shirt with colour or a subtle pattern will look much more effective. The Buxton suit is lightweight, cool and sure to make a statement, what more could you ask for in a summer suit?

Pictured: Buxton Suit