Men's Shoes For Every Occasion

A good pair (or two) of formal shoes are something every man needs in his collection... as trainers just won't cut it for all those special occasions! In fact, your footwear is just as important as the clothes you wear. Some may say that you can tell a lot about a man from his choice of shoes, so make sure they're top notch! We have just added three brand new shoe styles to our collection so whatever the occasion is, you'll be sure to find the right ones.


The main characteristic of an oxford shoe is the concealed seam on the lace eyelet. Unlike a Derby, they have very minimal detailing around the eyelets to give the impression of a more formal shoe. The oxford has been known to be a classic formal dress shoe however over time they have evolved to become suitable for workwear and the like, due to their more relaxed colour ways. We would still class the oxford shoes as the most formal of our collection and the ones you reach for when you really want to impress. 


Brogues are the most popular style of formal shoe in the current day. They are easily identifiable due to their decorative perforations on the toe, in fact, the word brogue actually refers to these patterns. When delving into the history of the brogue, it was originally designed in Scotland & Ireland to be an outdoor shoe, with the perforations acting as water drainage for wet conditions. The traditional purpose of the brogue has been flipped on its head and evolved to become smarter and commonly worn with suits. The brogue pairs well with a tweed three piece for a more rustic look. They are ideal for weddings whether you're the groom or the guest. 



The monkstrap acts as a happy medium, being less formal than an oxford but more formal than a brogue. They are defined by the strap running across the bridge of the foot meaning no need for laces. This strap can come in double or single form and, as the name suggests, monkstraps are said to have traditionally been a work shoe designed for European monks offering better protection than sandals. The monkstrap shoe is incredibly versatile and suitable for most events however they'll pair up perfectly with your workwear looks. 



 Now we round up with the most comfortable and practical! Boots lean more towards the casual end of the scale and as they were originally designed for the working class they are crafted to be durable and sturdy. They're the perfect transitional piece taking you from work to leisure with ease and will see you though most seasons. Our trusty boots come in the form of a Chelsea boot or a brogue boot. Opt for some brogue ankle boots with jeans and a shirt for off-duty looks or go full Peaky Blinders and wear some Chelsea boots with your favourite tweed suit.