The Christmas Gift Guide

December can only mean one's full steam ahead with the Christmas preparations as the big day creeps up on us. The tree may be up and ready but don't leave it abandoned too long, get some gifts under there! Handy tip - get them bought early gents so you've got more time to relax with a whiskey in hand by the fire. Whoever you are buying for and whatever the budget is, here's a few nifty ideas for the dapper gents in your life. 


O n  a  b u d g e t ?  G i f t s  u n d e r  £ 4 0 ...

Whether it's Secret Santa or a stocking filler, an inexpensive gift is usually on the cards. Thankfully there are plenty to choose from in our gift shop. Our range of caps, ties and shirts will certainly put a smile on their face whilst not causing too much damage to your bank balance. 


Our Recommendations...

The Edward Cap

A little vintage surprise in the form of a dogtooth flat cap, the Edward cap is fully lined in a red camo print and has a comfortable cushioned trim. Perfect for those chilly winter months. 


The Navy Knitted Tie

Knitted ties are all the rage and add something a little different to a formalwear look. We offer a broad range of colours but the navy one is incredibly versatile and can be styled easily with most looks. 

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The Charles Shirt

Somewhere in between a denim and an oxford shirt falls the Charles. It can be made formal or casual with minimal effort, a perfect all-rounder and one that will make one man very happy!


W a i s t c o a t s  u n d e r  £ 5 0 ...

The choice of colours and patterns in our waistcoat collection is endless. There is truly something for every occasion which is why a waistcoat makes for a great gift idea. You won't have trouble finding something to suit the personality of that special someone. 


Our Recommendations...

The Kelly Sky Waistcoat

A bold little number, the sky blue Kelly waistcoat is enough to brighten anybody's mood. It is a great mix and match style which can be worn again and again with a whole host of looks. 

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The Simon Waistcoat

This style has party-wear written all over it which means it won't be long before the wearer can take it for a spin. The fabric is super soft with an embossed contemporary paisley pattern. Ideal for those who like to make an entrance!

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The Kelly Silver Waistcoat

Another Kelly waistcoat, as they're just too good to only include once! The Kelly is the number one mix and match piece and this wintery grey is both perfect for the season and bang on trend.

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L u x u r y  G i f t s


If you can afford to splash out, we have plenty of luxury gifts too. Our expansive collection of unique and characterful blazers will satisfy the sartorial needs of any man and our footwear range has grown in popularity since its release earlier this year. 


Our Recommendations...

The Ellis Blazer

On-trend, classic and superb for the season, the Ellis blazer is a first-class gift for the style conscious gent. With intricate detailing and complimentary pocket square it won't fail to impress. 

The Larkin Shoes

Handcrafted to perfection, the Larkin shoes are made from genuine leather with meticulous punched detailing and a laser engraved sole. They come complete with a shoe horn, protector bags and even a spare pair of laces!

The Luca Blazer

This blazer will keep the wearer cosy and comfortable due to its durable wool-blend fabric. Its design is timeless and stands out beautifully against an autumnal backdrop.


T h e  M D  G i f t  C a r d

Every year you'll have those 'hard to buy for' people on the list. The solution to this common problem is the Marc Darcy gift card, giving them option of getting something they truly love! 

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