The Shoe Story

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes, which is why you should always ensure your footwear is on point. Think of formal shoes as an investment, don't cut corners and choose a pair which will go the mile and guaranteed to make a lasting impression. You will likely be on the search for something versatile and hard-wearing but first let's get to grips with all the varying types of formal shoe. You may be surprised to know, it's not just brogues!

Nowadays, the style of shoe isn't particularly limited to a specific occasion. Boots tend to be more casual, perfect for your off-duty weekend looks, but monkstraps, brogues, spectators and oxfords all work in formal settings, whether it be a wedding or work. 

Now we know which is which, let's delve a little deeper into how they're made...


Each pair of Marc Darcy shoes is crafted from vegetable tanned, chromium-free full grain leathers. Not only does this give a high-end look, it also ensures the shoes are durable and comfortable. Good quality leather such as this is also breathable, which some would not expect, and the fabric tends to mould to the shape of your foot over time. 



Once constructed the shoes are painted, stained and burnished all by hand. This process will ensure that the utmost care and attention is taken, leaving no stone unturned...and not only that, each pair will be completely unique due to this meticulous method. The paint is applied layer by layer using brushes, cloths and dyes. Maintain the unique finish by using a leather shoe cream every two to three weeks, depending on wear. 




Shoe patterns are also cut by hand and the intricately patterned laser engraved soles are made from a material called tunit, which is ideal for prolonged use as it is less likely to warp or degrade. Hand stitched shoes generally create cleaner and more precise lines as opposed to machine stitching.


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