Top 4 Formalwear Basics

Whether you're just getting started on your formalwear journey or you're well on your way to slick sartorialism, you'll be needing a few pieces to form a basis to your looks. The handful of solid wardrobe essentials, which you can always fall back on when struggling to piece an outfit together, deserve a place in your collection and can sometimes be forgotten. Let us either jog your memory or introduce you to the basics that every man should have in his wardrobe.


A pair of good quality black flat-fronted trousers will serve you well, that's for sure. For those occasions when you want to fashion a statement blazer, your black trousers will step up to the plate perfectly to tone things down a little and keep the focus on your statement piece. If you're going for a minimalist approach for your wardrobe, black trousers will go with almost everything and act as the perfect basic piece for your capsule collection. Versatile and timeless, what more could you ask for!?

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The ultimate multitasker, the white button down shirt cannot be forgotten when creating your basics collection. The definition of versatility and simplicity, a white shirt will work effortlessly for all occasions. It's an all-purpose classic and one you will wear time and time again. In fact, it's good to keep a few of these in the wardrobe on rotation, particularly if you're an avid suit wearer. A traditional spread collar is the preferred choice to adapt to all social situations from business wear to wedding guest. 

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Brogues are a failsafe shoe style for your formalwear looks. They're a risk-free purchase as you're guaranteed to always need a pair to finish off your outfit, and what's more, they definitely tick the versatility checkbox. They can adapt to everyday formalwear, dressed down weekend looks and even special occasions. The traditional appearance of brogues means they won't go out of fashion and their sturdy nature will ensure they last you for years to come. We'd advise a neutral colour such as black or tan.

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Navy appears a lot in tailoring, and for good reason too. It is a classic and sophisticated colour and not as harsh as black. The confidence a well-fitting navy blazer can provide is off the scale and confidence leads to great things, so make sure a navy blazer is on your radar! A navy blazer simply had to make it to the basics list as it is all that an essential piece should be; suitable for all occasions, easily accessorised and downright dandy. Whether it be plain or check, it'll help you go the mile on your formalwear journey.