Tweed For All Occasions

What is tweed clothing?

Tweed is a durable and warm wool fabric that has been traditionally associated with Scottish and Irish clothing styles. It originated in the Scottish highlands in the 19th century and has since become an iconic fashion statement worldwide. Tweed features a distinctive twill pattern, with small variations and colourful checks adding to its character. A sturdy and weather-resistant fabric that is ideal for cold and damp weather conditions, it’s become a staple in the modern gents wardrobe.
Its classic and rustic appearance makes it ideal for use in country wear, but it has also gained popularity in formal contexts, with many fashion-conscious individuals adopting tweed into their everyday professional attire and in particular for vintage style weddings.

How to care for tweed

Tweed clothing is universally known for its durability and longevity. However, contrary to popular belief, tweed is not indestructible. Proper tweed clothing care is crucial for maintaining its aesthetic appeal and water-resistant properties. After use, allow your tweed clothing to air out instead of immediately sending it to the dry cleaners. This will ensure any moisture or perspiration dries out, reducing the likelihood of odour and bacteria growth. 
When it comes to washing your tweed clothing, always follow the care instructions on the label. Typically, tweed should be dry cleaned to prevent shrinkage or discolouration. If you prefer to handwash your tweed clothing, do so in cold water with a mild detergent, avoiding any harsh chemicals or bleach. After washing, gently pat the garment dry with a towel, then lay it flat to completely air dry. 
To keep your tweed clothing looking its best, store it properly. Hang your tweed clothing on a padded hanger to maintain its shape, and avoid storing it in an airtight bag or container to prevent any musty smells. With proper care, your tweed clothing will last for many years, maintaining its durability and classic appeal.

When to wear tweed


The popularity of vintage style weddings has hit an all-time high, and with it, tweed has emerged as the ultimate choice for grooms looking to achieve the perfect vintage aesthetic. This classic material is revered for its timeless and elegant appeal, making it the ideal choice for those wanting to add a touch of sophistication to their wedding day. The beauty of tweed lies in its versatility, as it can be worn in a variety of ways, from a full suit to a simple blazer. The earthy tones and textured finish of tweed make it the perfect complement to a rustic or country wedding, embracing all the charm and character of a bygone era. When it comes to styling tweed, there are many options available - from classic bow ties to simple pocket squares. A tweed waistcoat is also a popular choice, providing a neat and sophisticated finish. Regardless of the chosen style, tweed is sure to set the groom apart on his wedding day, exuding confidence and style.

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Synonymous with the idyllic British countryside, tweed is the quintessential choice for a relaxing weekend retreat. This timeless fabric exudes warmth, comfort and effortless sophistication, making it the ideal companion for your countryside escape. From traditional jackets to contemporary waistcoats and accessories, tweed offers a versatile range of styling options to suit any occasion. Whether you’re exploring the rolling hills or indulging in a cosy fireside chat, tweed guarantees both comfort and style, taking you from a leisurely countryside stroll to an afternoon tea at the manor house with ease.

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The age-old perception that tweed is not suitable for work attire has started to shift in the post-COVID-19 era. With hybrid working becoming the new norm, dress codes have also undergone a considerable overhaul. Tweed, once regarded as a fabric for outdoor wear or rural pursuits, has now made its way into the corporate world, reflecting the changing times. Taking its versatility and suave appeal into account, it comes as no surprise that tweed garments have become increasingly popular in modern workplaces. Embrace the trend and step up your fashion game with a touch of timeless elegance.

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How to wear tweed

How to style tweed for a Wedding

Tweed, as a fabric, exudes a certain level of sophistication and refinement that is ideal for weddings. It is one of the most classic and timeless materials, especially when it comes to a groom's attire. With its versatility, tweed can be tailored to just about any wedding theme, from rustic to modern. The traditional tans and browns can add an element of rustic charm, while modern navy blue and grey shades infuse a trendy edge to a groom's look. In essence, the tweed ensemble is the perfect choice to ensure that a groom looks and feels distinguished for his big day.
A great way to style tweed for a wedding is to mix and match the waistcoats to add a point of difference and style. A nice touch is just for the groom to be in a different waistcoat. A top tip is to pick out the colour in the check and match the waistcoat to this

How to style tweed for a weekend getaway 

For those seeking a rustic respite from the humdrum of city life, a tweed jacket is the quintessential choice for a countryside weekend escape. The timeless appeal of this wardrobe staple emanates a sense of sophistication and effortless elegance. Dressed up or down, it marries harmoniously with a plain white shirt or a smart button-up polo top. The breathable and durable nature of tweed, complemented by its warm and comforting feel, makes it the perfect sartorial companion for any outdoor pursuits such as leisurely walks, horse riding or shooting. A truly versatile and enduring piece for any discerning gentleman's wardrobe.

How to style tweed for work

An exquisite tweed trouser can effortlessly unlock a multitude of stylish and sophisticated workwear options for any discerning gentleman. Initially, you may assume that these trousers require an intricate approach to styling, yet simplicity is key to perfecting an impeccable look. The ideal choice for casual Fridays at the office, they can be effortlessly paired with a timeless shirt for a smart casual twist, or a button up polo to strike a more relaxed tone. These versatile trousers have the potential to elevate any outfit with their classic appeal and innate sense of refinement.

In conclusion, tweed has become the hallmark of the modern man’s wardrobe. Its understated elegance, versatility and timeless appeal make it an excellent choice for a variety of occasions, whether it's a wedding, work or play, tweed is sure to add the perfect touch of style and sophistication to any event.

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