Wedding Trends 2023

From the continuation of grazing boards to Rat Pack glamour, we take a look at the wedding trends set to be huge for 2023
Midday Ceremonies
The most spontaneous part of the whole wedding weekend is often the after-party. But if you're worried about an eight-hour relay race from ceremony to cocktails to dinner to dancing, there's no need. Midday ceremonies are on the rise! Pacing the flow and giving your guests the chance to have the afternoon to rest up so they can come together in the evening with a full tank of energy is a wise choice for your big day. And then, who knows where the night can take them? 
Colour is no longer being avoided by couples - instead, they are eagerly embracing playful colour references through patterned textiles, illustrations, floral concepts, custom décor displays, and even their bridal and groom fashion. Couples are opting for bold colour combos, wild patterns, luscious flowers, and splashes of colourful unexpected delight. The thought of a full colour palette too much? Opt for subtle hints of colour through accessories, floral arrangements and small table decorations
Intimate Ceremonies
A post COVID trend that’s been adapted for the new normal is the desire for a more private ceremony followed by a large reception and afterparty. We’re seeing couples electing to say their vows in front of a select few, alleviating the pressure for grand displays of affection in front of a large crowd and instead choosing to show their love and adoration quietly and intimately amongst the crowds at the reception.
Tableside Grazing Displays
Still a hugely popular choice, grazing boards and charcuterie displays are not going to disappear anytime soon. We see them prominently displayed at cocktail hour as well as incorporated into more subtle table settings at weddings.
Eco Friendly 
As the world becomes more aware of its impact on the environment, many couples are looking for eco-conscious wedding suppliers. Not only do these suppliers take into account sustainability when planning and executing a ceremony or reception, but they also try to be mindful of their own environmental footprint while coupling with clients. Couples want to ensure that their celebration is as earth friendly as possible, so they're turning to companies who recycle materials, avoid harmful chemicals, abstain from mass production, and offer fair working practices. 

Groom specific trends for 2023

Bond Inspired Tuxedos 
A black tuxedo has long been considered the pinnacle of formal dress for many years. First epitomised by the likes of the Rat Pack from the 1940s and then James Bond in more recent times, it’s no wonder it’s a firm favourite amongst Grooms. A black tuxedo is a timeless classic and a key wardrobe staple that can be worn for cocktails or formal events after the big day is over 
Three-piece Suits
If you want a very elevated and polished look for your wedding but don't want to wear a tuxedo, opt for wearing a three-piece suit. As the rise in WFH attire booms the desire to wear a three piece suit is becoming increasingly popular. You can choose a monochromatic look with all three pieces matching or go with something patterned, colorful, or textured (like velvet) to add personality. A contrasting Waistcoat for just the Groom is a big trend for 2023
Luxury Fabrics
Fine and luxurious fabrics are becoming increasingly popular in men's suits for weddings in 2023. Tweeds and wool mixes have been particularly successful as suit materials in cooler temperatures. Dinner jackets in velvets or elastane mix fabrics are also seeing a resurgence in popularity due to their rich colour options and tactile textures. Top choices include navy blue or burgundy jackets made from high-quality materials and cut to a tailored finish
Tailoring Focus
Fit is crucial when it comes to your clothing, according to every fashion expert, and this is especially true for wedding day attire. This crucial aspect of your wedding attire, however, can often be overlooked. You’d be forgiven for thinking the only way to achieve a tailored look is to go down the made-to-measure route but this is often costly and risky. A polished appearance can be achieved by tailoring a pre-made Suit. A good supplier will provide a style that doesn’t need much tailoring and instead your Suit only needs a few tweaks here and there to make it look like its been tailor made for you
Curated Accessories
When it comes to adorning the groom and his accessories, less really is more these days. Goodbye funky socks and quirky cufflinks! We're shifting away from edgy separates and putting more of an emphasis on items that work well with a suit. For formal, micro-patterned ties, polished cufflinks, and stylish lace-up shoes are good selections. You can waive the tie for a more relaxed wedding and keep the pocket square for a polished appearance, and choose classy loafers instead of formal shoes. New shoes can be painful on the foot so consider changing your footwear at the reception, we advise you remove the waistcoat and shirt and add a relaxed t-shirt (a shirt change is always a good idea for the evening do!)