What Are Groomsmen Gifts?

A Guide To Groomsmen Gifts


Have you ever heard of groomsmen gifts? Maybe you've heard your other half talking about her bridesmaids' gifts, and it's sprung a lightbulb moment. If so, you're in the right place! Yes, groomsmen gifts are a thing, yet surprisingly, many of us are blissfully unaware of them. 
They have become a traditional way to show a little token of gratitude to the men who have supported you every step of the way. 
After all, they play a huge role in your wedding, from planning the stag to helping you choose your wedding suit. It's an additional responsibility they have willingly taken on for you, and that's something to be grateful for. 
It's only right that you show them some appreciation for their efforts. They deserve something for being by your side during one of the most important times in your life. But what do you get? When do you give it to them, and how big or small should it be? 
Let's break down this groomsmen gifts conundrum…
It's only fair and makes sense that every one of your groomsmen should get a gift, but these can vary slightly. The best man holds more responsibility so he deserves something a bit more special and thoughtful. 
As for the rest of the groomsmen, their gifts should generally be the same, potentially differing a little based on their unique personalities. 


What is a groomsmen gift? 

A present given by the groom to his male friends who will serve as his groomsmen at the wedding is a groomsman gift. The present is a token of appreciation for their friendship (and helping plan the wedding and stag do!)

How much should you spend on a groomsmen gift?

The question you've been thinking about since you started reading this post, how much dollar are you going to put aside for these gifts? After all, you've likely already dished out the big bucks for the ceremony and the budget may be wearing thin (who knew how expensive a cake could be!?).
One thing to bear in mind when deciding the budget is how much of their own money have they had to pay so far? You may have asked that they pay for their suits or paid for stag-do accommodation etc. This should bump up the budget but we'd say an average price of £50 per person and slightly higher for your best man.

When to gift a groomsmen

Yes, that's another thing to think about, and there are a couple of options here. It's not uncommon to give the gifts on the stag do, but you must consider that you will likely be enjoying a few drinks at this time. 
Not everyone will have their wits about them at a stag do, and you don't want them to lose their gift. 
We would say the ideal time to give your gifts is when you're getting ready just before the ceremony. You're all in one place, it will be a sentimental and emotional time and made even better with the addition of your gifts for each and every one of your groomsmen.
Plus, giving a gift to your groomsmen will distract you from the jitters which may be emerging as you prepare to walk down the aisle!

What should a groomsmen gift be?

Now for the important one and the answer is simple, it is entirely up to you. You will know the groomsmen better than anyone, so get them something they will really cherish which will remind them of this special day. 
The budget we spoke about will help you limit the choice. Even if it's just a fancy bottle of their favourite alcoholic beverage, a little goes a long way, and they were probably not even expecting anything.
Whether it be a personalised gift or something they actually wear on the day (our waistcoat chains are a perfect little add-on!), it will be hugely appreciated and may even set off the waterworks.
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