What To Wear To A Christening

Mens christening styles
When planning your christening guest attire, you may ask yourself, what is appropriate to wear to a christening? Well, if you found yourself in this situation you’re in the right place. 
A baptism is a special Christian ceremony that is a symbol of purifying a child (or person of any age) and welcoming them into Christianity. This ceremony will likely take place on a Sunday, and their family and friends will gather to celebrate the newly baptised person. 
The baptised person will often be a baby, they will have a God Mother and God Father chosen. These God Parents will act as protection and support for the child as they grow. But what do you wear to such a special occasion? This article sets out exactly what to wear to a christening and gives you inspiration for your next christening outfit.

What is appropriate christening attire? 

When attending a christening, the dress code is either smart or smart casual. This somewhat depends on the persons planning the christening. Often the parents of the child being baptised, or the person themselves. 
If in doubt, always go for a smart outfit. This could be a suit or at least smart trousers and a shirt. But we will get into more detail on this shortly! 

Can you wear black to a christening? 

Yes, you can wear black to a christening. Usually, men will wear a black suit or have some black clothing in their suits. However, women tend to wear lighter clothing to christenings. Black is often thought of as ‘smart clothing’. This is one of the reasons so many people will wear black to the ceremony. 

Can you wear white to a christening?

White is one of the most popular colours to wear to a baptism. There are no specific colours you aren’t allowed to wear to a christening. But some are more appropriate than others. For example, many like to wear white, pastels, and light colours to the ceremony. This could be because these colours and shades are often thought of as ‘happy’ colours. And after all, a christening is a celebration. 

Christening outfits for men

If you are in the ceremony, and by that we mean if you are a God Father or the Father of the child being baptised, we highly recommend wearing a suit. There will likely be lots of photographs taken, so you want to look your best!

The best christening suits and outfits for men

Below are some of the best outfits for a man to wear to a christening. Use these pieces as inspiration for your next christening outfit. Feel free to mix and match colours and tones to suit your style or even match with the theme of the christening. 

The Jack Fowler Collection

Our JF x MD Collection is a great place to start if you’re on the hunt for a smart outfit to attend a christening. It meets perfectly between smart suit attire and partywear. Bursting with navy options and the always-on-trend, herringbone suit trousers and blazers, you will be onto a winner wearing a Jack Fowler piece. 
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Smart blazers for christenings

Honestly, a smart blazer will set you up for success. Not only will you feel smart, you will look the part. And luckily for you, here at Marc Darcy, we have an abundance of smart blazers for you to choose from!
When choosing a smart blazer to wear to a christening, we recommend you look at Tweed Blazers and Check Blazers. Both timeless in style and elegant by nature, by investing in a good blazer, you will be investing in yourself. Match your blazer with a pair of tailored trousers for a chic finish. 
Men's smart blazers from Marc Darcy
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Smart trousers for christenings

Wearing smart or tailored trousers for a christening is a great way of looking the part and also giving yourself plenty of options for clothing and accessories to match. Our smart trousers can be easily paired with a crisp dress shirt or even a stylish sweater. And, of course, a blazer. This versatility allows you to create different looks depending on the level of formality of the christening.
If you’re a little stuck for style, we have plenty of excellent trousers to choose from. Why not explore our Men’s Slim Fit Trousers, Men’s Black Trousers, and Men’s Formal Trousers for some ideas?
Mens trousers from Marc Darcy

A well-made shirt

The shirt – a simple yet effective part of any smart, smart casual, or formal dress code attire. If you’re not looking for a full suit, wear a pair of well-fitting trousers with a great shirt. You’ll feel smart enough but not overdressed if that’s a concern. Opt for a shirt that could have a nod to the occasion. For example, a Pink Shirt for the christening of a baby girl or maybe our Sky Blue Shirt for the baptism of a little boy. This is just a playful idea that lends itself well to a man’s outfit for christenings. 
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Smart shoes appropriate for christenings 

You can’t go to such a great effort with your outfit and fall short when it comes to your footwear. When it comes to what shoes to wear to a christening, we suggest wearing smart dress shoes. Potentially a pair of brogues or Oxfords. Each style goes excellently with the clothing we have picked out above. So all you’ll need to do is pick a size and a colour.
Mens leather shoes from Marc Darcy
It would be rude of us to give so much attention to the clothing for a christening and not pay attention to the finer details… You can also add accessories to your christening outfit. For example, dress your outfit up with a tie or a cap! See the full Men’s Accessories and Hats collection today to add a personal touch.
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