What To Wear To An Interview

First impressions are everything and from the moment you walk in the room, your potential employer is already making some sort of judgement of you. Your outfit is one of the first things they will see and the way you present yourself could be the deciding factor on getting hired or not.

Make no mistakes here and reach for the failsafe suit to pass the introduction stage with flying colours. After all, it's better to be overdressed than underdressed and right now, you're dressing for success! Here are some looks we've put together which will score you serious style points.


Nothing will impress more than a sophisticated three piece suit. Some may say it's a tad overdressed, we say it shows you've made an effort...but make sure you select the right one for the job. The last thing you want is to look like a wedding guest so stick to office appropriate colours such as navy or grey. The tie is where you can show a hint of your personality. Traditional patterns such as polka dots and stripes work perfectly in a business environment and the colour is your call...as long as it matches the rest of the look! A dapper three piece ensemble will give you that confidence boost you need when faced with the daunting interview questions. 

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Or maybe you're more of a two piece kind of guy? Well this works just as well and is in-fact the most popular option for interview attire. Sophisticated shades of blue combined will show you're no stranger to professionalism yet throw some funky socks into the equation and it will show them that you've got a fun side too! For the blazer and trousers which make up the main body of the look, opt for darker shades of blue such as royal or navy, and for the shirt choose a sky blue. Tie everything together with a dark navy patterned tie and matching brogues.

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The type of job you're being interviewed for can determine your outfit. Maybe it's a creative position in media or advertising where offices tend to be a little more casual...this is where you can dress it down a little. Instead of a completely matching suit, a well thought-out blazer and chino combination will not disappoint. Although don't make the mistake of dressing down too much. Despite your thinking that some firms may not expect it, it's better to be safe than sorry and pair with a dress shirt and tie. For top tier smartness we'd recommend either navy or black chinos, depending on the colour of your blazer. 

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A monochrome look has sophistication written all over it. Dull to some, genius to others, we think when done right a black & white ensemble is the most elegant one can get and can definitely work in your favour. Keep the classic theme and consider opting for a Prince of Wales check and a fine knit roll neck nestled underneath. If you feel like throwing a hint of colour into the mix, do so with your socks or a pocket square and stick with subtle shades such as burgundy. Complete the look with a chic portfolio folder to carry all the important documents. 

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