The New Workwear Rules | What To Wear To The Office

Workwear rules have changed, it's time to make your own rules...within reason!

After a stint of working from home you may find yourself back on the daily commute to your once familiar office desk, but after months of comfy clothes it's only natural that you would feel a little out of practise when it comes to dressing for the office. For some, the traditional workwear rules have been rewritten with many employers favouring more relaxed dress codes, so your looks may not be too dissimilar to what you've become used to after all. For others it's business as usual. As long as the tracksuits don't make an appearance you'll be dandy! Allow us to provide some inspiration toward your weekday looks.


For those who work in formal environments or are client facing, there may be a need for the traditional suit and tie. But put a little personal spin on the classic, make it your own and try not to fall into corporate rabbit hole. Think pattern pop pocket squares and statement ties in complementary vibrant colours. Accessories can do wonders to jazz up a classic so be sure to make use of them and consider a bold check or tweed so that you don't blend in to the sea of plain navy suits.


Business casual is on the rise and will be all about striking the balance between professional and casual. Two piece suits and separates will serve you well for a business casual dress code. A matching blazer and trouser set with a crisp white shirt will be simplistic yet stylish and with the relaxation of the rules you may be rid of a tie. 


You can even trade your trousers for chinos and wear a fine knit or t-shirt under your blazer. It's all about comfort dressing, in a smart kind of way. When working with separates, choose a centre piece like a statement blazer or trousers and work the rest of your outfit around it with characterful yet sophisticated styling. Be mindful not to take too much attention away from your focal point so neutrals are your best bet here. 

 They're classics for a reason, so a blue or grey suit should remain staples in your wardrobe. Additionally, it may be required of you in your role, but instead of the standard, go for something with a bit of pizzazz. Opt for a subtle pattern or contrast buttons to really stand out from your colleagues. In this case it's all in the accessories to set yourself apart. Add a bit of oomph with playful pattern or motif print ties. Maybe even a glimpse of some funky socks!


Don't forget your footwear! A pair of leather monk straps are always a workwear winner and will really finish off your look if you're in a formal environment. For the casual workplaces, Chelsea boots or even some smart trainers will keep you comfortable from the morning commute to clocking out at 5.