What's Your Wedding Theme?

Choosing a theme is one of the main sticking points when planning a wedding, particularly if the two of you have different visions, it can be quite the obstacle! We're here to be the mediator, or just a little helping hand towards deciding on that all important theme. This theme will determine almost every aspect of the big day, from the food to flowers, colour schemes to entertainment, so make sure you decide on one which you're both confident will work effectively and to your utmost satisfaction for all of these aspects.  

Is a theme really necessary?

Not completely, some prefer not be restricted to one agenda. However, it will help hugely when choosing all features involved when you're working to one common brief. It helps narrow down the options if you're struggling to decide on certain things and the outcome will be much more appealing when everything follows a certain pattern. 

How to choose a theme?

Usually the first thing people tick off when planning a wedding is the venue so this can act as your starting point. When you find a venue you both love, explore a theme which will fit perfectly within it, for example, a rustic barn venue is the ideal setting for a vintage naturalistic theme.

Some ideas... 

Think a woody aesthetic, exposed brick / woodwork, handcrafted elements and an overall casual eco vibe. Earthy tweeds fit in beautifully with this theme due to the outdoorsy feel. 


 Dinner suits have become increasingly popular for grooms who prefer a classy vibe. For this theme, think opulent velvet, sparkling silver/gold and classic monochrome combinations. 


 Full to the brim with crisp white features, a timeless traditional wedding is as elegant and understated as they come. It will be a formal affair with simplistic decor and minimal colour. 


A unique theme which gives you the opportunity to show a bit of personality. It'll be a quirky and creative one with bright vivid colours and a break away from traditions. 

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