What Does An Usher Wear At A Wedding?

While much attention is given to the attire of the bride, groom, and bridesmaids as wedding plans evolve, the usher's outfit plays a significant role in setting the tone for the event. So, what exactly does an usher wear at a wedding? 


Let's delve into this question and uncover the secrets behind the usher's stylish outfit attire courtesy of the insights from us here at Marc Darcy.

If you're not well versed in the world of wedding lingo, you may find the term usher a bit of an ambiguous one. Whether you're the groom setting the wheels in motion or lucky enough to be given the role of an usher, it's important to become familiar with this term. So let's start with the basics…


Wedding ushers, also known as groomsmen, are usually male members of the wedding party who help guide guests to their seats during the ceremony and reception. They often wear a special outfit to the event.

An usher, as the name suggests, is essentially a person chosen to usher the guests into the wedding venue to be comfortably seated. They can also double as groomsmen and are seen as the male equivalent to a bridesmaid. If you've been chosen as an usher, you'll be a close friend to the groom but don't worry, no nerve-wracking speeches are involved for you! You'll generally be offering a hand to the best man, assisting in the overall running of the day and also the stag do. 


There are many terms used to describe a wedding usher, such as a groomsman, a man of honor, or a best man. The term “usher” is typically reserved for a wedding party member who is not the groom or the man of honour. 

This person can be either male or female and is typically responsible for distributing wedding programs, escorting guests to their seats, and ensuring that the reception runs smoothly.


So you need to know what you're going to be doing on the big day, here are some of the main responsibilities which you can expect from an usher...

  • Assist in stag do organisation
  • Get ready with the groom on the morning of the wedding
  • Greet the guests on arrival and show them to their seats
  • Gather guests for photo opportunities
  • Start the party! 


Not necessarily. A wedding should be done on the couples own terms and the way they wish so if they feel they need an usher, great! If not, that's totally fine too. If it's the latter, they may just need to assign someone to greet the guests...more often than not, the best man will take up this role.


Yes, a woman can be an usher. In fact, many churches and other organizations use female ushers. There are a few reasons why a woman might be an usher. First, women can be ushers because they are often more experienced in customer service. This is because they often work in customer service or retail jobs and have a lot of experience dealing with people.

Second, women can be ushers because they are often more organized and attentive to detail. This is because they are often more used to working in a structured environment and are often better at following instructions. And finally, women can be ushers because they are often more calm and composed in difficult situations. This is because they are often used to dealing with difficult customers and are often better at staying calm under pressure.


The traditional wedding usher outfit includes a dark-coloured suit with a white shirt, tie, and vest. Some ushers also wear a fedora hat. The suit can be either formal or informal, depending on the wedding’s style.

As an usher, you will go to fittings at various stores and it will ultimately be the grooms choice when it comes to your outfit. He'll probably have colours in mind (or strict instructions from his bride-to-be!) to compliment the bridesmaids so you can leave it in his capable hands to kit you out. 

As an usher, your suit will usually be the same as the groom and best man's suits, so that you are easily identified as part of the grooms party. Now it doesn't have to be identical, sometimes the groom will have some sort of distinguishing feature such as a contrast waistcoat or a different tie to set them apart. 

Or maybe the groom will wear a navy tweed check and the best man and ushers will wear plain navy suits. There's a whole host of options to be discovered!

Mens tweed wedding suits Men's blue wedding suits Mens light coloured wedding suits 




For a more relaxed wedding, the usher is free to wear a suit of their choosing. It may be that you need to stick to a certain colour palette or maybe you've been given free rein to be as adventurous as you like, as long as you look well presented that's all that matters.


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