The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Suits for Grooms & Guests

At Marc Darcy, we understand that weddings are momentous occasions filled with love and cherished memories. Your attire should reflect the significance of the event while also expressing your personal style and individuality. 

With years of expertise in providing suits for weddings, we've created this guide to assist you in navigating the nuances of wedding attire selection with confidence and ease.

For grooms, we'll delve into the intricacies of choosing the perfect suit that complements your wedding theme, fits impeccably, and makes you feel confident as you exchange vows with your beloved. 

From traditional black-tie affairs to casual outdoor ceremonies, we'll explore a myriad of styles, fabrics, and accessories to suit every preference.

Guests – we haven't forgotten about you. Whether you're attending a formal soirée or a laid-back garden wedding, we'll help you strike the right balance between elegance and comfort. 

Wedding Suits for Grooms Tips

When it comes to picking the wedding suit grooms have lots of options to consider. From black tie ensembles to modern and vintage style choices the key is to select a suit that showcases your personal style while complementing the overall wedding theme. While a made suit may be ideal it can be quite pricey. 

Our suggestion is to opt for a to wear suit and have it tailored for a fit. With most of our suits available as three pieces you can easily choose items in sizes, for added flexibility.

If you're looking to invest in a suit that you can wear multiple times, then go for a classic colour like navy or tan. Choose a style in a simple fabric that can be dressed up with a striped shirt or color-blocked waistcoat for your wedding day, but can also be paired down with a simple white shirt for the office.

Looking for a more affordable option? Our double-breasted suits are the perfect choice for modern grooms who want a unique style to stand out on their big day. At only £251.99 for a two-piece set this purse friendly option is a savvy choice for budget friendly grooms to be.

Men's double breasted suits
Men's blue wedding suits
Men's cream wedding suits from Marc Darcy

Guest Wedding Suit Guide

As a wedding guest, it’s important to find the happy balance between being well-dressed and not taking attention away from the groom. Choose a suit that aligns with the theme of the wedding, if it’s a semi-formal wedding go for a blazer and chino combination. 

Is the wedding you’re attending more formal? Opt for a three-piece suit with a sharp shirt. Pay attention to your accessories and choose classic colours and patterns that will elevate your look and make a memorable but subtle impression. 

Our Marlow Navy Tweed Blazer paired with our new Enzo Navy Chinos is a classic look that will take you from wedding to christening to weekend date with ease.

Men's chino trousers from Marc Darcy
Men's wedding blazers
Men's shirts

Usher Wedding Suit Guide

Ushers play a crucial role in the wedding, and their attire should reflect their significance. Whether you’re taking the reigns for your ushers or you are letting them free to make their own choices there are some simple rules you should follow. 

First, coordinating with the groom is key to creating a polished, cohesive look. Whether you’re part of a traditional church wedding or a rustic outdoor wedding, there are lots of options out there to suit all themes and budgets. 

Tweed suits are an excellent choice for rustic weddings and can be considered a timeless investment. If the budget is tight, a great alternative to a full three-piece suit is a blazer and chino combination. This way, the groom can still wear the full suit and feel unique, while the ushers can still match.

Planning to dress up your ushers in an extravagant way? In 2024, a black tie theme is expected to be highly popular, and it's a great opportunity to choose a suit that can be worn for many special occasions in the future. 

Men's black tie wedding suits Men's tweed suits Men's wedding blazers

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Additionally, you may want to consider small differences in accessories or a distinctive boutonniere to distinguish the groom from the ushers while still maintaining a cohesive look.

In conclusion, the choice of wedding suits for grooms, guests, and ushers is a significant aspect of any wedding celebration. Whether it's a timeless tuxedo for the groom, a stylish blazer for the guest, or a coordinated ensemble for the ushers, the key is to select attire that aligns with the wedding's theme and dress code while allowing individual style to shine through. 

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