Create your 2022 Capsule Wardrobe

You may have heard the term capsule wardrobe being thrown about but may not know entirely what it means. If that's the case, you're in the right place. A capsule wardrobe is a selection of versatile and carefully curated pieces to see you through season after season and wear with an array of different outfits. They will be good quality timeless pieces and in the long run will be both much better on your purse strings and more sustainable. By limiting it down you will also have an easier time choosing what to wear each day and you can clear the clutter in your wardrobe. There are a huge amount of positives to a capsule wardrobe, and we could go on but without further ado, let us explain how to create one.

 Image credit: Carl Thompson

Let's start with the top half. For this part of your capsule we'd recommend 6-8 styles which are a combination of smart and casual. Think formal shirts in oxford weaves, roll neck jumpers, polo shirts and t-shirts. In terms of colours, stick with neutrals such as black, navy and white which will pair with more items. Try to go for an even split between formal or casual or you can tailor it to your lifestyle, for example, if you tend to wear more formal clothing make sure there is a lean towards the formal styles. 

For your bottom half, you really can't go wrong with a pair of black flat fronted suit trousers. They will pair perfectly with pretty much anything and are super practical. As well as this basic item, we'd also recommend some check trousers for when you want to make a bit of a statement. These would be best in a timeless check like dogtooth or Prince of Wales and again, stick with neutrals. As well as these formal styles, you'll also do well to invest in some good quality dark wash jeans and navy chinos. Aim for about 4 pairs of trousers in total to keep on rotation.  


The jacket will help pull everything together so we'd class it as a rather crucial component to your outfits. We can be quite minimal here, strictly speaking you only really need two styles, a formal and casual, but one more won't hurt! A tweed check blazer and a plain blazer will serve you well for your formal occasions and something slightly more low key such as leather or denim will tick the casual box. When choosing your formal styles, navy is a stylish and versatile plain option and a check tweed blazer will be easy to dress up or down.


When it comes to your footwear, no more than 3 pairs should do it. A pair of brogues in classic tan will work with your more rustic tweeds and do the job for your formal looks. We'd also throw in a pair of Chelsea boots due to their incredible versatility. A plain black pair will work with casual looks with jeans or chinos, and even smarter looks with suit trousers. For your casual option, a pair of all white trainers are a staple and their clean simplicity will enable you to wear them with most outfits.


As well as the obvious underwear and socks, you may be needing a few extra bits to style up your outfits. A black or tan belt acts as a functional item and also makes an outfit look a touch more interesting. You can also invest in a couple of ties, say a plain black one and a patterned one, spots or stripes are the most versatile patterns. If you're fond of headwear you can even add a flat cap into the mix if you feel you will get the wear out of it. For good measure, a smart satchel or rucksack will ensure functionality.

A capsule wardrobe is all about investing in high quality versatile options and is becoming an increasingly popular method of dressing. Follow our suggestions and you'll be sorted for years to come!