How To Style A Flat Cap

As soon as Peaky Blinders hit our screens, flat caps began surging in global popularity thanks to the infamous Shelby's. Although given a somewhat sinister meaning in the show, they have become quite the fashion accessory today and it's no wonder given their versatility. Regularly seen on the likes of David Beckham, this little finishing touch perfectly sets off a look and remains timeless, cycling its way through the seasons every year thanks to its traditional design. But this begs the question, how does one style a flat cap? Let us shed some light, starting with the basis...




For those who are a little baffled by the definition of a flat cap, we're going to break it down for you. In short, it is a less formal alternative to a structured hat and defined by its short brim and rounded design. The main body of the cap is pulled forward and stitched to the visor which gives it that smart appearance, and they're traditionally made from tweed style fabrics. The flat cap is generally seen as the formal alternative to a baseball cap. 


A baker boy cap is still classed as a flat cap however there are a few differences. You'll notice a baker boy cap is panelled at the top, often into 8 sections with a button in the middle, which creates a looser fit. The traditional flat cap is more streamlined with a completely flat top. 



One of the reason the flat cap is a firm favourite is due to its incredible versatility making it super easy to style. It works just as well with a casual jeans and t-shirt look as it does with a suit. 



If you're delving into the realm of flat caps for the first time, you may want to consider opting for a neutral colour such as navy or tan. The design is iconic enough as it is without the need for loud, vibrant colours and what's more, a classic, subdued colour will be easy to pair with other things.


Flat caps will more than likely come in some form of check. Think about what you will wear the cap with. A simple herringbone is by far the most versatile and will go with most tweed suits. If you go for a bolder check such as a windowpane or Prince of Wales, you'll be best of wearing it with your casual looks e.g. a plain shirt and jeans. 


- Your flat cap should sit at the level of your hairline at the back of your neck so that you are able to pull it forward and down at the front. Not too far back and not too far forward; it should just about shade your eyes. 
- Keep it the correct way around. Although it may be acceptable to wear a baseball cap backwards, the same can't be said for a flat cap. 
- When wearing a flat cap with your look, don't add too many other accessories as it will over-do things. Keep it classic and simple. 


Some flat caps will go off specific measurements, most will run from S - XL sizes, either way you're going to need to take a measurement to determine the best size for you. To do this, take a tape measure and wrap it around your head about 1cm above your ear at the middle point of your forehead. Don't pull too tight or loose, aim for comfort. Take this measurement in centimetres and get ready to buy your first flat cap!

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