How To Wear a Tweed Suit

Tweed is a fabric which will never go out of style and shows no signs of slowing down, which is why it is a staple to have in your wardrobe. It's quintessentially British and will remain a classic for years for come. However, some of us can feel a little afraid at the thought of braving it for formal occasions. Understandably so, a fabric steeped in history and holding so much character, it can feel a bit daunting to do it justice. We're here to tell you, don't be hesitant about stepping out in some tweed, it will certainly serve you well and rack up some style points. If you're struggling with how to tackle it, here are a few ways you can wear a tweed suit for varying occasions and look as though you've been sporting them for years. 


A wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear a tweed suit, particularly if it is a country theme. On this occasion you can get away with being more adventurous with checks and colours. It's all about showing a bit of personality...without upstaging the groom! We'd recommend a three piece in blue or grey with a classic check, you could even wear a plain waistcoat to break up the tweed. As it's a wedding you can be a bit playful with your tie choice, but keep it simple enough so not to distract from the tweed. Subtle florals are ideal for weddings. Finish off with a patterned pocket square in a complementary colour.


Tweed is a sophisticated fabric in nature which is why it works well for the office too. It's good to bear in mind that in a corporate setting, it's not the place to be making too much of a statement, so tone down your tweed for office environments. A navy tweed two-piece with a subdued check is your best bet. For your neckwear, a knitted tie is a contemporary alternative to the classic silk tie and we'd say that in this situation, a pocket square isn't a necessity. Also consider separates for more relaxed offices, a pair of tweed check trousers combined with a smart roll neck knit will achieve a winning business casual look. 


Tweed and the races go together perfectly making it an extremely favourable fabric of choice. Both the fabric and the sport are steeped in history and a classic tweed suit against a racecourse backdrop will give you the foolproof countryman look. In terms of what tweed to wear, it's an occasion where you can really go all out, after all, there will be a Best Dressed award up for grabs. Opt for a tan or moss green tweed three piece paired with a waistcoat chain and motif print tie for a traditional English gent look. Finish the look with some classic leather brogues.


Your tweed look doesn't always have to be super formal, it can be just as easily dressed down for an off-duty look. At the weekend you may be looking for something which is comfortable and breathable yet also presentable for running your errands, as who knows who you'll bump into! In these cases you can wear a casual jumper and chino combination but throw on a wool-blend tweed blazer to keep the chill at bay and jazz things up a bit. Or, do the opposite and keep the focus on your lower half with some tweed trousers, a casual top and longline coat. We've said it before and we'll say it again, Chelsea boots are weekend winners so they certainly should be considered as a partner to your casual tweed ensemble.

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