Marc Darcy: Elevating Cardiff City F.C. with the Official Formal Wear Partnership

Cardiff City F.C. and Marc Darcy Collaboration: A Winning Combination

It’s official Marc Darcy has joined forces with Cardiff City F.C. for another year running as their official formal wear partner. To mark the continued collaboration our team headed down from rainy Manchester to Cardiff City stadium to capture the players in their official club suits. 

As always the campaign aimed to capture the essence of the club's sophisticated and elegant style, and to highlight the impeccable tailoring and attention to detail that goes into each suit.

During the photoshoot, we worked closely with the team to ensure that each suit was presented in the best possible light. We paid careful attention to the lighting, the backdrop, and the poses of the players, in order to create a series of stunning images that truly showcased the quality of the suits.

The end result was a stunning collection of images that truly captured the essence of the club's style and sophistication. Along with the club suit each of the players sported another key style from the collection with each suit looking impeccable, and the players themselves looked confident and elegant in their formal wear. 

Cardiff City F.C. official formal wear parter

Uniting Tradition and Innovation

The partnership between Cardiff City F.C. and Marc Darcy marks an exciting evolution in the realm of football and tailoring. The official club suit was selected to bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern, catering to a diverse audience with varying style preferences. The collaboration between Cardiff City F.C. and Marc Darcy is a testament to the power of innovation and tradition coming together to create something truly remarkable and we are truly delighted to be partnered with such a respected club for another year running. 

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