New Year, New Look │ What To Wear In January

It's 2022, and after spending much of the past year being limited on social activity and event attending, now is the time to revamp your wardrobe. You may have recently found yourself getting ready for an occasion, clutching at straws and struggling to find the right outfit, we've all been there, and it's no surprise too. Stocking up on formalwear hasn't been at the top of many people's priority lists, but as we start to RSVP and book events for the year, now is the time. Re-evaluate your wardrobe and spend some time thinking about what works for you. As you begin this thought process, here are few ideas to send you along your way to 2022 style success...



To set the basis of your looks, you'll need to invest in some good basic essentials. Think items which will effortlessly pair with the majority of looks and ones that can be worn again and again. A couple of formal shirts are key to formalwear looks. Be sure to invest in a good quality white shirt along with a subtle pastel colour like sky blue for a bit of differentiation. 

You'll also want to consider investing in some high quality leather brogues. Brogues are a statement shoe, pairing with just about every formal look and will certainly go the distance. Neutral shades such as tan or black are great choices, helping you put your best foot forward for every occasion. 

Formalwear basis are so important that we made a whole article about them here - have a read!


January is a chilly month and sometimes dressing highly formal during this time can feel a little troublesome. So adapt to the season and keep comfort at the forefront of your looks. It is in fact possible to stay comfy and still look sophisticated, it just requires a little rethink with your base layers and this is where the two piece comes into play. So instead of a formal shirt and waistcoat, opt for a jumper. Roll neck jumpers are ideal for giving that formal look on a cold day. 



On the topic of cold weather, a wool blend product wouldn't go amiss either.  In recent years we've started to produce more styles with a percentage of wool in them to really give that premium feel. Not only does it lend a hand to the high quality nature of the products, it's also extremely beneficial during the winter months. Wool is insulating, cosy and heat-regulating so you won't have to worry about getting a chill....or a sweat on! Consider a checked wool-blend blazer to throw on under an overcoat for those single digit temperatures. 



If you haven't already got a tweed suit, don't worry there's still time to earn style points by investing in one now! Or maybe you are pretty fond of tweed and already own quite a collection, another one won't hurt. See January as your time to hit reset on your style and get tweed on your wish list. Not only is it a trend which is due to stick around for the long haul it's also, quite frankly, the definition of dapper. Go for a bold check in classic blue to really live up to the tweed rep. A Prince of Wales check will really go the mile and act as a timeless piece. What's more, if head to toe tweed is a little ostentatious for you, you can break it down and wear the items separately with other pieces like chinos or a jumper.

So now there's no excuse to hop back in to the loungewear, save that for sofa surfing.