On-Screen Style Heroes

Although some of their actions are a far cry from gentlemanly, there's still no harm in taking some style tips from some of the most well-dressed protagonists in film & television. Over the years there have been countless suited & booted gents to grace the silver screen and even in the 21st century they are still coming in force proving that the suit has well and truly stood the test of time. We've hand selected our favourite impeccably dressed characters who will provide a touch of formalwear inspiration for us all.  


Don Draper - Mad Men

Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm in AMC's popular TV series Mad Men, epitomises the 1960s suit style of which we can learn a thing or two. Clean, tailored lines cutting a sharp, slim silhouette with nothing out of place are all features of Don's regular style of dress throughout the series. He favours a grey palette with an accentuated sharp-pointed collar to his crisp white shirt and the occasional striped tie. In terms of his character, Don continuously portrays a powerful and well-respected figure however, as with the majority of leading characters, there are hidden secrets about him and it's his style which helps keep these under wraps.



Jay Gatsby - The Great Gatsby

If anyone can pull off a white suit it's Leonardo DiCaprio, as demonstrated in the film adaptation of the famous novel The Great Gatsby. Leo plays millionaire party-loving Jay Gatsby who uses his wealth to host extravagant parties at his luxurious mansion, and if you're hosting that many parties you've gotta look good right? Whatever the occasion, Jay can often be seen dressed to the nines in a tailored three piece suit, his most famous outfit being the white suit and tan waistcoat combo...a strong look designed to show his wealth. By night he's partial to a touch of velvet (who wasn't in the 1920s!) and the obligatory bowtie to ensure he's looking as lavish as the parties!



Albus Dumbledore - Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

An unlikely style hero, the young and dapper Dumbledore played by Jude Law in the most recent Fantastic Beasts movie took us all by surprise. A look we would have never imagined, the charming young Dumbledore dresses in a sophisticated and elegant manner, one that we'd be more inclined to take tips from as opposed to his later looks. A silvery grey was his colour of choice and his suits appear to have a 1920s worn-in look to them, perfectly reflecting his humble persona. Unlike other film characters who use tailoring as a symbol of power and authority, Dumbledore gives off the complete opposite vibe by appearing approachable, kind and welcoming. The versatility of the suit at its finest!



Tommy Shelby - Peaky Blinders

We couldn't do this post without featuring the infamous Tommy Shelby and his  sartorial tweed attire. Dark and neutral colours in heavy tweed fabrics paired with long overcoats and menacing caps sculpted the Peaky Blinder look of the early 20th century. Tommy Shelby would ensure he always looked suitably dressed in tweed paired with a thin striped shirt and detachable collar. His style evolved slightly throughout the series, starting off quite rough and rugged but by the end of season 4 he fashioned a more refined, clean cut look. Although his style may have changed, his captivating yet malicious nature remained in place. So we recommend only taking inspiration from the clothing on this one!



DCI John Luther - Luther 

Idris Elba plays slick and determined detective John Luther in the BBC series Luther and will more than likely be going about his daily duties suited, showing he means business. His style both on and off screen have caught attention for all the right reasons but right now we're focusing on his heavily layered, neutral toned look as he plays John Luther. The signature overcoat has become an instantly recognisable part of Luther's look, creating a textured and full bodied appearance. You'll often see him on the frontline sporting a red tie and the top button on his shirt undone giving that disheveled look, after all it must be hard work being in the line of duty!