Spooky Suiting | Who will you be this Halloween?

Halloween is like marmite - some despise the idea of dressing up whereas others embrace it. It may seem like a high school thing but if you've had the foreseen invite then you've 100% got to make the effort. Whether you're all for it or struggling to get into the spooky spirit we're here to add a little sartorial flare to your halloween style. Here are some ideas for something a little more achievable for the discerning gent (no fake blood involved!).



T O M M Y   S H E L B Y

 No Halloween would be complete without our favourite gangster Tommy Shelby, and thankfully his look is easily achievable with just a dapper tweed suit and cap. You want to keep to a dark and neutral colour palette with this one, coordinate the tie or if you're going for Tommy Shelby in his politician days pop on a patterned tie and round rimmed glasses. Don't forget the old fashioned pocket watch to hang from the waistcoat, a Shelby classic.

Image credit: Peaky Blinders Wiki / Fandom



M E N   I N   B L A C K

 A classic look and one that most people will have in the depths of their wardrobe, it's time to dust off the black suit, tie and a crisp white shirt. The MIB look is super easy to nail and will keep you looking suave on the way to the party. Just make sure you remember the all important blacked out glasses to keep your disguise and recruit a trusty companion to play the Agent K to your Agent J.

Image credit: Wilson Webb/Columbia Pictures Industries



H A N N I B A L   L E C T E R

Probably the most stylish psychopath you've ever known, Hannibal Lecter makes for a great character to base your costume on. Impersonate him with an unsuspecting and power demanding three piece suit in a bold check paired with a paisley patterned tie. In a look so sharp and pristine, Lecter deflects all suspicions of wrongdoing. Adopt these style features and you'll portray the elegant yet barbaric character of Hannibal perfectly.  

Image credit: Hannibal Lecter Pictures / Pinterest


These are just a few ideas for those of you who still want to look stylish in their halloween get-up. Get some more use out of your Marc Darcy suit by adapting it to one of these looks....just stay away from the face paint!

We hope you all celebrate Halloween in style!