Focus On: Wool-Mix

It has officially reached that time of year when your lightweights get stored away in place for cosy knits and wool, taking prime position in the wardrobe. Temperatures are plummeting and you'll be instinctively reaching for something a little more snug to wrap up in. A basic human necessity shouldn't suffer for style, so a functional wool-mix piece is just what you need to keep the chill at bay this season. Here, we'll focus on this A/W season essential and explain just why you need it in your wardrobe. 


The answer is; exactly what you'd expect it to be! A wool-mix suit is one made using wool mixed with various other fabrics. Ours in particular combine wool, polyester and occasionally viscose. They can contain up to 30% wool which contributes to durability and breathability, whilst polyester is generally crease resistant and viscose drapes well. By mixing wool with other fabrics we can create a little bit of luxury without the price tag.


A wool-mix suit serves as a functional piece as it provides all the benefits of multiple fabrics in one package. It is also much more affordable than a pure wool suit and the act of bringing affordable designer garments to the mass market is one ethos we strongly stand by. Not only that, a wool-mix suit is well worth investing in for its durability. This suit will be in it for the long run.


The great thing about a wool-mix suit is it can be worn all year around. Due to the wool content they are absolutely ideal for the chilly A/W months however as this content is kept relatively low in our wool-mix suits, they can also be worn on cool spring days. Traditionally a wool-blend would be classed as outerwear however tweed, which is generally associated with wool, is having a bit of a moment right now. It has grown to become hugely popular and a favoured choice for weddings and workwear alike. So in short, a wool-mix suit can be worn just about anytime and anywhere you please. The only thing to worry about is getting the colours and checks right for the intended occasion. Think subtle neutrals for work and bold brights for weddings. 


 Yes! Sometimes wool is associated with a scratchy feel making for an uncomfortably itchy wear but thankfully, the addition of other materials works in our favour again and eliminates that irritating feeling. The low wool content also allows for a much lighter wear so you don't have to worry about it weighing you down throughout the day. You'll find that during those colder months there'll be nothing better than reaching for your wool-mix blazer to provide that little bit of extra warmth.


This solely depends on the amount of wear the suit will have and how well it is looked after, but if cared for in the right way, a moderately used wool-mix suit can last up to 6 years. You can read more about caring for your suit here

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