The Bestsellers

Need a little inspiration towards your next suit purchase? We've gathered the stats on what you've been lovin' this month, with tweeds and checks coming out on top in true Marc Darcy style. Let us introduce you to our bestselling lines...


The Eton range has been sitting comfortably at the top spot for a while and has well and truly stood the test of time. Surging in popularity since its initial release, it has proved to be a hit amongst grooms yet also has the versatility to be dressed down, demonstrated most eloquently on the blogosphere. This has contributed to its position as a fully fledged winner. 

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Another firm favourite is our Dion range, a real crowd-pleaser and still shining as one of our most popular grooms styles. The Dion in its vibrant blue shade is an oldie but a goodie and never fails to drop from the top 3 bestseller positions. It's also ideal for mixing and matching with either our DX7 or Ted waistcoats for something a little bit different. 

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 The definition of timeless, the Ted suit is in fact a rework of our old age classic DX7. With bundles of character and a vintage flair, the Ted is reminiscent of the 1920's era and looks great during the autumn months paired with a grandad collar shirt and pocket watch. A foolproof staple piece which will make an impact!

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To round things off we've got our Scott suit. This one is available in both blue and grey but this time it's the blue which is taking the lead! The Scott works like a dream for casual Sunday's stripped back and paired with an oatmeal knit layered on top of a shirt, yet also doubles as a standout work suit. Wherever you wear it, the Scott will set you apart from the crowd.